Friday, September 3, 2010

Pizza Night...

Jaxson helped me make Pizza for Dinner.
COOKING is the only thing that will get him AWAY from the Wii.
He won't pause for anything...other than helping me add things into the we've been doing a lot of baking this week!
The little squirt has a sinus infection!
After 5 days of fever we are finally stocked with antibiotics and on the mend. Of course, pants are optional (his anyways):) and we don't have to comb our hair or anything!
mom and jax
Isn't hanging out with your kids the best?
Sometimes I sit and think about what I'd do without him...or what I did before him?!?
He is at an age that makes my life easier, I swear it. I never thought that would happen until he hit 15 and could mow the lawn or wheel the garbage to the curb! He is so helpful and keeps me laughing. He is my 24/7 free entertainment...and truly my best friend.
Once or twice this summer he has gone to a "friends" house.
#1. How is he old enough for that?
#2. You bet that I paced the house bored...and then decided to sweep and mop while I thought about "the appropriate amount of time" I should let pass before I go get him and make him play with me?!?
I know that it's pathetic:)
I feel blessed to have a healthy, happy little boy...with a contagious laugh and a whole lot of personality. I've been thinking about that a lot lately:)
I've also been thinking about how inaccurate a blog can make life look at times. I mean, a lot of days at our house are less than perfect. Far from actually! I am often stressed or frustrated or anxious about my never ending obligations and commitments! I have an issue with the word "NO" I suffer greatly at times:) I feel like I fail completley at the art of "balance"! Like I'm drowning under the title of: wife, mother, homemaker, teacher, friend, etc.
Most days I feel just fine about "me" and the extra 15 lbs., the busy schedule and the imperfect life....because afterall, PERFECT would be exhausting, wouldn't it? But we all have days....and on those there is one thing that can make it all better immediately: Jaxson.
Jaxson is the ONLY person (aside from Jarom of course) that thinks I am remarkable ALL.THE.TIME & No Matter What!
That is truly the most perfect trait of a that I wish I could capture and preserve forever.
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
Unfortunately, I have a honey-to-do list that is 100 items long for Jarom....and so our weekend will be spent getting tons of odds and ends tied up! I also have a plan of attack for Next Week and the ridiculously busy schedule I've gotten myself into this Fall.
If I survive next week it will be a miracle:):) Pray for me....

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Hello! K thanks for voting :) I think I'm going to just have to have a big canvas wall like you :) Man being indecisive is expensive ;)