Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Puke...and such.

Last night I was returning from a perfectly enjoyable day in B.C. and at approx. (9:30 p.m.) fell apart.
I spent the afternoon doing fun things only: Got my hair done (love love Tami W.) did some shopping, visited both Gma's, some friends and topped it off with a gigantic salad and slice of fresh peach pie from Maddox:)
My way home wasn't quite as perfect.
I heard wierd noises coming from my backseat. I, of course, was chatting on my cell phone with the hubby...and before I realized what was happening....I felt/smelled/heard Puking. It was pitch black, I was attempting to coast the 35 mile drive home on an Empty Tank (because Jarom fills my car with gas....and I hate too) I was on the freeway...and my son showered himself, his carseat and my right arm (amongst other things) in Vomit. (also previously known as chocolate milk & pizza)
Luckily I located the flashers...pulled over while cars sped past me at 90 mph and proceeded to encourage him to aim into his beloved "Yellow" blanket next time. (It's a member of our family and is commonly referred to as Lellow:)
The smell....oh the smell.
That was throw-up #2 in his I'm still not comfortable with the thought of my child being sick. THAT sick, especially.
I was also NOT comfortable with the darkness the LOW FUEL light flashing the sounds of gagging and splattering..the inability I had to comfort or hold him...or exit the car. The list goes on. I'm weak. It was way past my ability to handle.
But I survived.
I wiped him up...plugged my nose, cut off a semi and made it home (on fumes) in 12 minutes:)
Jarom spent the next 45 mintues scrubbing the carseat:):)
Today we stuck around the house and played with my favorite toy a hopes to get well!
He's sorta kinda feeling better....after 4 days of this fun:)
It's darling and teaches them hand/eye coordination, shapes, colors, etc.
He spent a good 3 hours (on and off) today playing with it!
IMG_4457 need it....
We're heading out for a walk...we need some sunshine and a change of scenery.
The couch, TV and computer are getting old:)
love, me


Maranda said...

Poor little guy. I hope he's feeling better! Those puzzles are a good idea. Did you make those yourself?

Kristin Bishop said...

they are melissa and doug! My absolute favorite brand of toy! They all teach learning skills and early preschool skills! They sale then at Kohls and toys r us. Some things at shopko!