Monday, August 30, 2010 our house...

Our weekend went too fast. I struggle on mondays...and rarely accomplish very much:)
Does that happen to anybody else?
Today my baby was a bit under the weather. He's had a fever that I can't figure out or get on top of. I HATE when he's sick. And by HATE I mean...Panic and always assume the worst.
He's thrown up once in his life...and I was at the pediatrician's office within the hour begging them to fix him. Come to find out...Kids puke sometimes, and there's nothin' you can do!
As a result of this sickness, I spent the entire day imprinting my butt marks on the couch...rubbing his back and calming him down. Even when his eyes were closed...he'd know if I moved a muscle or attempted to sneak off to attend to one of the other million things that needed my attention.
There's always tomorrow I guess. (My list just got considerably longer)...but it happens.
He NEEDED me today....and those moments and days are coming fewer and farther in-between.
Our Weekend was fabulous. Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary...but those are often times my favorite. I planted a few new bushes and an adorable lollipop crab apple tree in my backyard (jarom insists that it's straight...but it is SO not). We had homemade pizza night...rented 3 movies...played games with Jax and went out to eat specifically because of my incessant cravings for spinach and artichoke dip:)
As the business of summer winds down...and FALL (my favorite season of all) is quickly approaching...I am taking more time to document the little things. I've gotten my camera out of it's bag this week...which has been RARE these past few months!
Here is a little Re-cap of the Weekend at our house.
Thursday afternoon was spent relaxing on the deck. 70 degree perfection. We had a little picnic and I did some deep cleaning:) Sadly, that is about as sweet as an afternoon can get in my opinion!
Jaxson is my little buddy. He really has grown into my little best friend and sidekick. I wouldn't know how to function without him. I'd say at this point he does as much for I do for him during the day.
I am officially BabyLess....which makes me Baby-Hungry (but that's for an entirely different post).
Jaxson thinks we should buy a baby boy for daddy and a baby girl for me.
What makes him think I want a baby girl?!? ok---one look at Allegra's blog and you'll want one too. Along with every roll...and every headband! Precious.
With my countless hours of work and devotion to "Preschool" this last year and my dive into what it's all about (aside from finger paints and a 2 hour break for mom)...I have truly learned how crucial it is! I have learned so much about little minds...and the critical things that allow them to build principle upon principle throughout gradeschool.
I have some new MUST-HAVE toys you should get and save for Christmas! I ordered enough
"Melissa & Doug" to last a lifetime and I make Jaxson play with a few different games every day.
(unfortunately, my child has prematurely entered the stage in which I have to moniter his Wii and gaming intake daily). These toys are so darling and teach the PRESCHOOL skills so perfectly perfect.
Sandwhich Stacking Game
Friday afternoon it was windy and Jaxson stayed indoors and played with this new favorite of mine (for 2 hours straight). It made me happy to see him enjoy something that was teaching him too.
(notice him pointing to the direction card! Each card gives an example of the order in which they should build a sandwhich! It teaches them to follow instruction, sequencing (huge) and color/shape/pattern recognition, critical thinking). YOU NEED ONE.
It has HUGE daring felt sandwhich pieces that velcro and stay placed together.
All kids love to help this was a huge hit for him! He was very proud of himself.
(it comes with TONS and TONS of sandwhich they can get good practice building all the different varieties!)
To avoid destroying my camera and getting flour into every nook and cranny...I didn't take many pictures of us cooking! Jaxson thought it was fun to make his own....get messy...roll out his dough and place toppings on his own personal pizza.
Although my waistline could go without many more Pizza Nights....I'm thinking we'll do this much more often! It was fun, delicious and super quick and easy.
(waiting for it to cook)
You guys....I am in mourning that I don't have a baby anymore.
He is at the funnest stage...and I am embracing it...but I hate to look back at the chubby cheeks that smiled at me just 9 months ago. It happens over night...and today after bathtime I realized how humongous he is. He's tall, skinny and has muscles for pete sake. Like real muscles from running and playing. Oh dear....
(mom and jax cooking together)
Welcome Fall
I realize that I should probably wait a few more weeks...but I busted out the pumpkins.
I am a sucker for holidays, seasons, traditions...and such.
During my visit to Day Farms earlier this week for some fresh produce...I saw a million pumpkins growing and then gave myself the Go-Ahead to Fall-ize my house:)
I love Fall and HATE I hope it's a long season of great weather, grilling out, canning and evening walks. Surprisingly enough, Jarom doesn't say much when he comes home and the house has transformed into a pumpkin patch or whatever holiday is approaching.
Sunday evening we joined the rest of the world in feeding the ducks at Jensen Nature Park.
Serious---that place is always crawling with people.
It's nice to live so close...because I love to go for walks around the lake and Jaxson gets super excited about feeding the animals.
It was kind of dark...but I managed to snap a few pictures of my little man throwing bread off the bridge.
Does he not look so old? Grown up? Not an ounce of baby-ish features left?
We've been keeping busy aroud here! I feel more relaxed in the Fall for some reason:) Perhaps it's the nice routine. I am looking forward to teaching a few kids dance classes at Syracuse Dance Academy this Fall and Jaxson is taking Tumbling! So cute. That, 2 church callings and PRESCHOOL will pretty much keep things hoppin' around here this school year.
During my last few weeks of summer I finished an entire Scrapbook (ridiculous amount of work)...sewed 2 darling Christmas pillows and tucked them away for 3 wonderful novels...and most recently: tried out a new recipe from good ol' Rachel Ray this evening.
It was delicous.
Google her "Neopolitan Baked Ziti" then
add a side of Garlic french bread....and Yum.
(I added hamburger for my meat-lover of a husband...would be wonderful with chicken)
Oh-and I also put together a new "Fallish" Header on the good old blog. About time...since it was snowing in my last one:) Flickr has changed a few things...and my ability to edit the html to get things exactly how I want is going to take some TIME (notice: background disappeared). Time I can't take tonight...because a big fat bubble bath is calling (remember how I sat on the couch and comforted my child all day...well I feel/look/and smell like it:)
Tomorrow I am going to be productive!
I am going to Brigham visit several of my favorite people.
Get a much needed Cut & Color...visit gma's...catch up with friends...out to lunch...and maybe another trip to Village Dry Goods. Love Love Love their Christmas fabrics right now! Something about this season makes me want to get out my sewing machine, CAN every kind of fruit and vegetable and bake
You too?!?!
Love Me

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I'm going to tell you something you don't want to hear.....Jaxson is now a little boy, seriously! He looks so grown-up, I can't believe it!