Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School Night!

"Back to School" is right around the corner (for preschoolers anyway:) and I am busy...Jaxson is anxious...and Jarom exhausted with all the preparations! I have so many fun ideas and great things planned for this school year!
Thursday evening is "Back to School Night" at our hosue....and September 7th brings the First Day of School!
Which means 2 things: My baby is growing up:) AND... I am a teacher again....which feels so good:)
My neighborhood is swarming with kiddos in new jeans and tennis shoes...the streets are filled with school buses...and it sorta kinda felt like FALL today with the 80 degree weather:)
Me, Jaxson and my Mother enjoyed a Double Frosted Peanut Butter Cookie from Cutlers today to celebrate this beautiful afternoon. Ater which we browsed Rod Works and I brought home the cutest/ugliest skeleton figurine to add to my Halloween decor stash (my mom thought it was hideous...I could tell:).
We then put the final touches on "All about me week"...which is the theme for week #1 at
We ended the evening doing more research on a mattress. Ha! (we are so exciting)
Oh - how I dream to sleep on a gigantic, Euro-top, Serta Perfect Sleeper.
That's my "Back to school" gift to myself I just decided:)
Happy Back to School Everyone!
Pictures and updates on our preparations coming soon....


Bryce & Brittany said...

Hope your "Back to School" night went well! That cookie description made my mouth water. Yummy!! I love peanut butter & cookies so it's a perfect combination! New mattress huh? Did you wear the other one out??:)

Kristin Bishop said...

you are funny. You don't really recognize how crappy yours is until you start looking, ya know!!! I have my eyes set on one in particular. Let the pursuading begin:)

Oh..come visit me and I will treat you to one of cutlers cookies. They way 2 pounds each though...I have to admit. Nothing is better though:)