Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Our last Summer Trip was beautiful, relaxing and HOT HOT HOT!
Which is what we were going it was a success.
The day it hit 107 was a little toasty...but we are NUTS and totally love it:)
I'm not sure anyone loves the SUN as much as Jarom...(but I'm a close 2nd).
We had a great 5 days at our new fav. spot: Tahiti Resort
I should become a permanent member of their sales team....because I am convinced of it's greatness and in love with it's FAMILY-ORIENTED-NESS:)
We did meet a few Canadians poolside... who were a bit confused seeing us "Mormons" out and about. I think someone was a bit confused between a Mormon and a Polygamist...but we set em' straight. After a few hours of playing with Jaxson they were convinced to get married and have children.
(It IS as fun as it looks I assured them:)
Jaxson thoroughly enjoys vacation.
He gets a lot of attention and has fun 24/ what's not to like?
I want to go on a trip in which 2 people think I'm hilarous and darling and if I say "ice-cream cone" one appears out of thin air and lands in my hand.
He has the life.

...and he is a total nerd, who is obsessed with goggles...



He made so many friends....which was heavenly for his Parents who read and slept and ate and slept some more:) He had one guy wanting to buy him lunch...another (IRANIAN I think) who you could hear shouting his name from acrossed the pool " Hey Jax-sone! Jax-sone!"

...and a couple of 3 year olds who kept him busy building sand castles....
I thought that I came prepared with PLENTY of pool toys...but I was wrong.

We made a late night Trip to Walgreens on Day 3 for another boogie board, approx. 15 more squirtie toys, Lightening McQueen Beach Ball....etc. He is nuts...

(and he likes to organize things into his mama)





What's Vegas without experiencing the strip and the the M&M Factory:)

(p.s. as I am writing this my son is calling me "sweetness" over and over....I will never understand his little brain or where he get's this stuff!)


I thought about buying him a bag of m&m's and then laughed so hard at the 12.99 a pound sign that I promised him 5 large bags of them from walgreens instead:)

what a rip off...

It is funny how crazy parents go when they enter a place like this. It's like all of the sudden "m&m pajamas and sippy cups" are a NECESSITY to life!

I didn't get sucked in....even once:) ya proud?!?


We spent a few evenings strolling around Town Square.

Jarom endured it....and it was like a slice of heaven for me. Men and Women are so different:)

Shopping, yummy food, YOGURTLAND!

Never underestimate how excited a woman gets over a new way to serve ice-cream/yogurt.


Jaxson enjoys trying on clothes about as much as his father...

(notice picture below)


Yogurtland I miss you....


Jarom attempted teaching Jaxson to swim WITHOUT the lifejacket...but no can do.

He went under once and FREAKED OUT. He is brave as can be with that jacket on but you take it off and he is nervous! I've put in a few calls today and I'm thinking a few private swimming lessons are in order for the crazy kid....

Think I can cram that in before summer ends...!?!?


It was so hot...that it felt wonderful to be in the water!

Jaxson remembered every turn and every waterfall of that Lazy River from our trip there in APRIL. We spent many hours circling that thing...




Jarom was over-due for a break...and naps...and bedtimes of 9:00.

He spent 6.5 hours yesterday with a couple who was arguing over a nativity set and some windchimes:) That has to be exhausting. ha ha ha. My times was spent in that chair next to him...reading. I read an entire NOVEL and it was perfectly relaxing and heavenly.




There you have it...our Last SUMMER vacation of 2010!


Yesterday took some adjusting...about 6 loads of laundry and some tears that it's over...but we are officially back and ready for Fall!


Jarom is going to kill me if I mention "Back to School" one more time...especially because I act like I have 5 children who actually need bookbags and school supplies, clothes, underwear, shoes, etc. Jaxson is prepared for 3rd grade....even though it's only PRESCHOOL.


"Back to School" deserves an entire post of it's I'll save my crazy traditions and rituals for some other post. We have succesfully cleaned closets, dressers and toyboxes...and have carried bins of SPRING/SUMMER clothes to the basement. We've hung a special hook for his book bag...and registered for Tumbling. Our Fall Routine is almost set...and preparations or SMARTY PANTS Back to School Night are in full-swing! I have ideas coming out my ears....


p.s. it's almost that time of year! Time to can peaches and applesauce with one of my BFF's Gaylyn. I LOVE FALL!


Have a WONDERFUL last few weeks of Summer!


Bryce & Brittany said...

Looks like such a fun vacation!! I would love to spend a week poolside! I'm definitely loving being a mommy though.:) I will call you tomorrow for sure.:)

Ruth Peterson said...

Looks like a lovely time was enjoyed by all! We did buy stuff from the M&M store once. Mitch & I stayed at the Venetian for an anniversary a million years ago and there were the cutest teddy bears--each with a diff M&M colored sweater w/the big "M" on them. The kids kept them on their beds for years. Also got some cute foam jack-o-lanterns that look like the M&M characters--bring those out every year! :) It's just about what you like & where you're willing to spend that 'disposable' income! :)

Maranda said...

I agree with Brittany...a vacation poolside sounds heavenly! It looks like you guys had a blast.

So did you still want to get together Friday night? Let us know what time if you still want to do dinner.