Saturday, August 7, 2010

His name...

It's no secret that BASEBALL is a big deal around our house.
If you marry a inevitably adopt a deep rooted love for the game.
It isn't just a fun hobby or talent for them...but much more.
It's Tradition.
Our offspring followed suit.
...and it is most definitely in his genes....
It's not the "you will like baseball" kind of pushing that makes him love it...but a genuine obsession with a bat and a ball since birth. He had an impressive arm at age 2 I must say!
My son's first word was HAT (because of his Father's love for a good worn-in baseball cap) and he still doesn't feel complete until one's on his head. His second was Ball (hours of playing catch...or rolling the ball to dad) while I was teaching night hours at Vatterott Colllege no doubt!

It took me a minute to get over it....that "ma-ma" wasn't even close to his first word...but I should have known. He sported his first Cubs Jersey (complete with cubs binky) at age 2 weeks.
He was born a fan.
Dating Jarom I remember one thing....BASEBALL. He was always a member of the Brigham City Peaches (and countless other leagues) and I spent the majority of our dating life warming the bleachers of some ballpark between smithfield and ogden. He was good. Grand slams to win the game kind of good...and regularly:) He also played college Baseball for Utah State University.
I don't mind him in a good pair of baseball pants either. Not one single bit.
(This still continues. One league ended a month ago...and another starts end of August! We're in it for the long haul:)
Marrying him was a package deal: Love him AND Baseball.
We made a deal that we would attend a few major league games a year for the duration of our lives and of course, WRIGLEY FIELD with our sons! He made me keep our deal....even on our first little newleywed vacation for anniversary #1. We spent 2 evenings of our San Diego (beach, sea world, suppose-to-be-romantic) vacation at
Petco Park: Home of the San Diego Padres!
I told him we could skip Sea world and attend another game if he bought me a huge blue foam finger. He didn't think I was funny. At all. I still think it's hilarious:):)
I did it though...just to see him light up like a kid on Christmas!
Nothing describes their love.
I'm even pretty sure our first baby girl will be named after his ALL TIME favorite player:)
How's that for me being the nicest wife ever?!? Ha.
Anyhow---My point.
I have been scrapbooking TIRELESSY for 3.5 months.
Not pictures of my family or child like I need to do desperatly...but a tribute to Jarom's wonderful Grandmother from all 30 of her extended family members. It has been the biggest task I've ever agreed too...and will be bound in a big digital scrapbook and presented to her at Christmas.
In this process I have read over 25 letters written to her....from sons and daughters, to grandchildren, to son-in-laws, etc. They all mention one thing: her love for baseball!
...and that woman knows her stats....let me tell you.
You see....Her husband was the main culprit in starting this LOVE that has trickled down through generations. She also became a fan....and you should hear her talk baseball with my husband. SHE DOES NOT miss a game. Her sweet husband passed away a few years ago...and she still is at it! She is appalled when her teams or players are having an Off-day...she knows scores and stats and first all.
She is the perfect mixture of Sweet and Sass....and I want to be like her.
My wonderful Jarom was named after his Grandpa John.
John Jarom Bishop is his full name:)
He inherited his skills as well.
My little Jaxson John is also named after them both.
He has a wonderful legacy to follow....and a love for Baseball that will keep me on my toes for years to come.
I've got some work to do...and some things to learn from Grandma Norma...but I'm ready for a lifetime of love for the sport.
(Jarom's Grandpa in Peaches around 80 years old.)
This will so be my husband.
I'll have to convince him he's 80:)
What a great Saturday!
Have a wonderful Sunday:)

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