Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My family....October 2010
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So my child is nothing like I imagined he would be:)
Does that ever happen to people?!? I love him to pieces...as I'm sure you all know/assume/figure:) But he's still so much different (personality wise) than I thought!
Maybe I thought he'd be somewhat quiet and/or shy like his Father. Maybe I thought he'd come out perfectly behaved or totally agreeable in all things. I have no clue what in the world I thought....but I was wrong:)
The truth is he has a personality that is sooo much more nature than nurture! I look at him sometimes and think "YOU TOTALLY CAME THAT WAY!" because there is nothing I have said or done or taught that would warrant that kind of reaction! I do remember a span of approximately 4 years of having insane attitude...but I was 14-17.
My child is 3 for pete sake.
I could write a novel of his current "lines" and "comebacks".
However, I will only share our most recent experience in Kohl's to save us both time:)
We were browsing the toys section (with Christmas approaching I am trying to get ideas of what he likes) and he was of course as LOUD as can be. The kid says everything 3 decibels louder when he's excited or happy. SO--you can imagine. He was freaking out...picking up every car and truck and batmobile that lined the isles... screaming "This one is incredible! I want this one...it's amazzzzing!"
This went on for a good 25 minutes. We got laughs...and stares...and many mother's stopped to comment about his "animation" and "passion". (I know what they meant: they were attracted by his LOUD-NESS and what appeared to be my lack of control:).
As my defense: he wasn't being naughty. Just himself:)
I used Santa. I know you do it too. As bribery....
I said that if he was really good and did everything I said...Santa might bring it to him.
He thought for a moment.
...and said (in the same decibel)
"ooooohhhh. So that means I can't say Damn-it anymore! Got it!"
He about brought an employee and 2 other mother's to the ground in laughter.
Later I was telling Jarom about our little experience and having the "we need to watch our mouths...because he is a sponge" talk...you know that one?!? AND jaxson overheard me re-telling the story. He says to me...
"I heard you say damn-it to dad...and I am sorry but it is unna-septable! Santa will bring you nothing!"
I wasn't even shocked. That is sooo him. MAYBE he's heard me or his Father...(or let's face it mom)...his Nanny (haha) accidentally use the word. He knew immediately that he shouldn't say it. SO---what does that mean??? That he'll say it occasionally just to test his limits...and then scream "SORRY!" immediately after. oooohhh Jax. What am I going to do with you?
....and why do I want three more JUST LIKE YOU....
All these public experiences got me thinking a bit about motherhood. After becoming a mother I justified wearing sweatsuit sets as clothing when I left the house:) I started doing lots of things I might not have otherwise done:)
I glanced at Facebook (heaven forbid...I hate fb) the other day and saw quite a few pictures of people dancing, "partying" and talking about designer labels:) People who were visiting fancy exotic places and people who were, let's say, MUCH MORE PUT TOGETHER than little old me.
I laughed...then looked closer...then thought "wow...I've really let a lot of things go:)"
Of course, I traded those things...like regular waxing of the eyebrows and regularly shaving my legs....and regular exercise (hahha...the thought makes me laugh) for something wonderful.
I look at all my friends who have 3 and 4 kids and I'm amazed! It will be my life soon enough...but the truth is I have so much respect for all those women! My friend Marcie was over yesterday...and tagging her were 3 of the most darling little boys. At one point she had two kids buckled and one head down...feet sticking straight up wedged between the middle seat and back seat. I was laughing out loud SOOOO hard as I watched her climb and pull and beg. She climbed in, grabbed onto both feet and started pulling! She said to me "quit laughing...this is my life!" and we laughed and laughed!
I was thinking after she pulled away....She is SOOOO lucky.
What an awesome life.
Woman who are selfless....who put Motherhood or Children...or ANYTHING on the front burner and themselves on the back...are angels.
p.s. for those wondering. Yes I want and will have more:) Thanks for asking:):)
Until then...I'm enjoying life AND working hard to see things through "Rose Colored Glasses." Refer to #6 below:) OH...and #8 too.
Photo by good friend Jill:) She made me take one alone!
Other meaningless things on my mind:
1-I need an intervention with buying stuff for Christmas Trees. Or the Trees themselves.
I don't think there is a word other than HOARDING that can explain my obsession lately with Picks and Ornaments and sparkley things for my tree. I am running out of corners to hide them so Jarom doesn't know. When I think about it...I feel that pit of guilt in my stomach which means "yep...we have a problem".
2-I hate facebook. Other than the occasional NEED to contact someone you would otherwise not have the slightest clue how to find. (Ex. I am setting up my beautiful friend Brittany with an old friend who I had to hunt down...so it came in handy this week.) Other than that...I don't like it at all. It's like a trainwreck you can't take your eyes off of.
3. Preschool wore me out today. Wow. I need a nap from the chaos that was my house for 2.5 hours today. BUT...I am attached to these kids. Amazing how quickly a 3 year old can capture your heart. ALSO AMAZING how different 12 three year olds can be.
4. I'll die this winter if Jarom doesn't buy either a snowblower or a four wheeler/plow. My driveway is abnormally huge and it took me 3 hours to shovel last winter
(on that one single day I tried:)
5. I want my camera to come in the mail. BBBBAAAADDD.
6. A friend told me on the phone earlier this week "Sorry, but you see things through Rose Colored Glasses!" and I think that's the best compliment I've got in a while:) (I don't think she meant it as such...) BUT isn't that great!!! I would sooooo much rather be viewed as someone who looks for the positive in everything OVER someone who doesn't, ANY DAY!
7. I am almost done designing my Christmas Card. It's nothing like I was planning on...but that seems to be the case a lot these days:) SO EXCITED FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
8. Oh....and do people read this blog? If so, I will design a few people a Christmas Card. I wish I could do LOTS and LOTS...but I am only one person:) It's Free of course...my Christmas present to you! So---e-mail me. kristinbishop1@gmail.com. If you like my scrapbook pages....you will like the cards I guess:) Check them out. Up at the top link:) I can also send you a few examples!
9. Just called Jarom and informed him of the festivities that will take place this week.
1-pumpkin patch
2-pumpkin carving
3-Forsyth family dinner party
4-trunk or treat
5-preschool costume party
6-Bishop Halloween Pizza Party
7-Trick or Treating
Let the fun begin:) he is not AS excited as I am...but he's doing a wondeful job faking it!
Happy Halloween EVERYBODY!


Tammy said...

Hi Kristin! Thanks for your comment, and I am in awe of your blog! So cute!! Your family is beautiful!!

Jake said...
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Pam said...

Beautiful pictures Kristin!!

aust, jess, janson said...

kristin, you are sooo funny! you sum up my life perfectly in your comments, although jansons not quite 3 yet.. i'm doomed, the thought of a 3 yr old version makes me nervous.. i wish we lived closer, i need serious help with the family scrapbook and you do amazing, love it!

Josh and Brandie said...

Just have to tell you your blog makes my day sometimes. As one of the mom's of 3 that traded cute skirts or buckle jeans (barely remember those days) for sweat pants and desperately needed someone to tell me it would be okay today well you just made mine!! I love reading your blog although to be honest I find myself extremely jealous frequently with how much you are able to take on and I think how much you have to do. Need help? I would any time. Can I ask where the red wall is I would love to have my family pictures done there? Thanks for the pick me up today Kristin. You are absolutely super mom!!

Shawntae said...

I was forwarded your blog from a friend! I love it. Don't want to sound to creepy but I think your son looks like a older version of mine. It's kind of crazy and it freaked me out!! I was like woah he looks soo much like Kingston!!

I look forward to reading more about your life. Take Care and have a Happy Halloween.