Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Week at the Bishops....

First: Thanks for e-mailing about Christmas Cards! Wow:) I will be busy! The first 8 people who e-mailed me will be getting a Custom Christmas Card Design! Fun Fun. I am so excited for Christmas!
Second: To properly document/sum up this week it will definitely take more than 1 enjoy the first half of our week! Hope you are enjoying the Holiday to the fullest.
Third: The halloween episode of the Office was Hilarious. Did you see Angela's Naughty nurse costume?!? So funny. I never have understood wearing something naughty for Halloween. Gross. The "Bringing Lady Back" blog had a wonderful quote the other day that said something like: "People WILL recognize you under your wear something modest!"
True True True.
Fourth and Most Importantly: I woke up at approx. 4:00 a.m. 2 nights ago SOAKED from the shoulder blades to the backs of my knees. I was in-and-out of sleep so the reason was completely unknown to me:) After tossing and turning for 30 minutes...I sat up and realized that it could only be one thing! My child who consumed 2 sippies of milk and climbed in bed with me was indeed...spooning my backside.
You guessed it.
He pee'd on me. I was seriously covered in pee. So was my bedding, sheets and brand spankin' new mattress. He unloaded a gallon....right there on the biggest most expensive sponge in my house! The joys of children.
Now...On to our Festivities!!!!
Halloween is coming...and I kinda felt like I hadn't done anything fun with Jaxson. It was nice weather...and then all of the sudden we haven't been on a walk, or to the park or on a drive to see the leaves. Nothin.
I planned a week of nightly fun things for us to do....
Monday Night we had homemade soup and rolls, carved pumpkins and watched a movie. Jaxson had a blast of course....wouldn't really touch the guts and begged for wipies to keep as clean as possible. Why he is such a clean freak I will never know. Oh...yep I do.
I'm ruining him. By accident.
My job was to select the EASIEST patterns out of the book because jarom ends up carving them all anyways:) Jaxson has a wierd obsession with owls lately! It is confusing me big time. It might stem from the owl toy he got from his BK kids meal a few weeks ago. Ya know that WIERDO show about owls that is coming out??? Legend of the Gaurdians or something.
Anyhow---we read 5 owl books a day lately...he acts like an owl (with claws and noises)...and insisted on doing the owl pumpkin. Sidenote: I will embrace these darling fascinations until he's about 8...then they will disturb me greatly and I will work to re-direct his obsessions:)
Dessert was provided by Krispie Kreme. Their pumpkin spice cake doughnut (warm) is the best treat ever this time of year. Plus-I was a tad behind from spending an hour at Kohl's buying ornaments. ORNAMENTS will ruin my life and marriage this season if Jarom ever finds out about my obsession. Buy 5 a day people...that's the secret. Never looks like more than 20 bucks on your credit card at a time. Your welcome.
We opted out of the corn maze. I don't know...something about wandering around dead corn husks for hours, freezing my butt off and getting lost for the majority of the night doesn't sound fun. Instead we spent the majority of the evening in the courtyard. It was our Second time this Jaxson knew where to spend his time.
First was shooting The Corn Cannon. Jarom helped him Nail the birds with Corn Cobs and won more free pumpkins. We opted out of those too. (man...this is making us seem lazy and boring). I many pumpkins can a family of three handle before it seems a tad bit excessive?!?
I currently have 5 on my deck...and 8 on my porch. See what I mean?
The Cow Train.
We bribed him to ride on this!
He ended up having fun because he was in the first car... and we convinced him he was steering the entire thing. The kid has control issues and lately he doesn't want to do anything
Duck Races...
Jaxson's very favorite were the PIG RACES....
I love this time of year.
However, I would prefer a cozy 75 degrees for a good 2 months straight:)
My little family of 3 consumed 3 hot dogs, 1 bag Doritos, 1 hot chocolate, 1 strawberry lemonade, BIG BAG of fresh Kettle Corn, 1 kitkat, 1 starburst and 1 beef jerkey.
I think that total 25 bucks at the concession stand:)
We found a campfire and stuffed our faces!
If this looks like a completely relaxing and enjoyable are only partly right.
It may APPEAR that-a-way...but let me further explain that Jaxson complained about being freezing the entire time:) When we sat by the fire...he freaked out and said it was...ahem..."Burning his forehead off!". I let him spend 5 bucks at the Candy Booth...and he still wasn't having it.
---It was fun while it lasted...but he was ready for jammies and a redbox---
Preschool Halloween Party
TODAY was our Smarty Pants Halloween party:) Complete with Halloween Bingo, songs about witches, orange Play-doh creatures, Cupcakes, Bat Cave matching games, a Costume Fashion Show and more. I have never been much of a dresser-upper. I'm not fun that way. I feel ridiculous actually. SO- I wore a comfy black dress....(because I have to be able to work miracles for 2.5 hours with 12 Three Year olds at my house)....crazy orange and black tights...and a headband with Giant Bats flying off of it.
Look Close...I'm sure you can't miss it:)
Hey---the kids seemed to like it!
Looking at this picture makes me smile!
These kids...although completley NUTS when all together...are the sweetest.
Top to bottom we have...duh, duh, duh:
Owen as Dash, Parker as Buzzlightyear, Paige as Jessie, Finn as Buzzlightyear,
Porter as The Hulk, Jaxson as U of U Football Star,
me of course, (on my lap) we have Cade as Darth Vader, Miss Kennedy as Alice,
Mitchell as a Pirate, Tanner as a Boston Red Sox Baseball Player, Judd as yellow M&M, & Amanda my Helper! My crazy bat headband seems to be hiding our little Kaden as Mario!
What a crazy, busy, stressful, fun day!
Tomorrow brings my mom's Halloween Dinner Party.
We have to dress up.
In my family that brings with it grumbling and a whole lot of complaining. We are all for my mom's wonderful cooking, games and fun prizes though:) Good thing I got this cool headband. I'm covered. Jaxson looks adorable...and I am refraining from posting his picture until D-Day!
Now we have my...WILL-NOT-DRESS-UP-NO-MATTER-WHAT of a husband to deal with.
I am currently bribing and begging him to put on his old Utah State Baseball uniform for old time's sake. Sure we've both put on a few...or a few more than a few:):)....BUT who cares.
I'll let you know who wins!
P.S. Plan on it being me.
Then Saturday brings the Annual Bishop Halloween Party...a Trunk or Treat... and of course, the Trick or Treating. Jaxson is actually excited this year! He's hated it the last 2 years. He usually prefers to go home...steal from the treat bucket and be plopped in a comfy spot in front of a movie. We will see how long he lasts!
Happy Halloween EVERYONE!
2 weeks until you can put up your tree.....wahoo.
Love, Me

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