Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer 2010

Summer is almost over!
I was in a panic; feeling anxious that FALL was approaching and still wanting to do millions of fun things before "Back To School (or Back to PRE-School)" changed my life!!!
Then I sat down to clean off my camera card and was exhausted within minutes to see ALL we've actually squeezed in to our SUMMER. I'm good with Fall coming and a schedule that follows I've decided:)
Jaxson is growing up!
He is my best friend in the world.
I think he's funny, darling, witty, intelligent, sarcastic and on occasion I wish I could multiply him a few times and make a 26 year old version to hang out with:)
We get along good....Me and Him.
Of course, that's all we know!
Getting our yard in and a big sandbox/ swingset play area was the best thing we've ever done. We have 10 neighbor kids over playing with him NIGHTLY...and it's helped us meet tons of new people!
Yard that Attracts kids=Instant Friendships!
Jaxson has a little best bud...named Jaxson.
He is Jax is 3.
They get along perfectly and are mischievious little stinks!
I have to admit...Jax 2....makes (my) Jax 1 do things he would never do otherwise!
He brings out the worst in him....but it's kinda funny!
They went bug catching a few weeks ago and had a blast.
I have never seen my child so excited to rip wings off a dragonfly.
In a wierd way, because he's a boy, it was endearing:)
....and typical, and so BOY-ish...that it made me smile!
We spent the 24th of July Camping at a Cabin in Southern Utah!
We enjoyed a nice four-wheeler ride with my entire family.
It's always fun to hop on a bike with my Man and have a good talk in the beatiful scenery.
Jaxson opted to ride in the Razor with Gma and we actually had some ALONE TIME:)
His obsession with glasses/goggles or eyewear of any kind CONTINUES.
He wore these Adult Sized Four-Wheeling Goggles the entire duration of our Ride!
He cracks me up. That and his 4,000 "thumbs ups" a day. Who....Me?...Exaggerating...No Way!
Ok---maybe a little.
Which brings me to:
Smarty Pants Summer Camp
I was completely exhausted for 5 days straight afterward.
I had so much fun.
It was A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT of work.
Jaxson took a 3 hour nap EVERY SINGLE DAY after camp.
We had a lot of fun and a lot of learning!
This School Year is going to be Wonderful:)
I love the innocence and honesty of a 3 year old.
(Our Pizza's on Community Helper Day!)
There aren't enough hours to describe all we did. Of course, there is a day by day outline on SMARTY PANTS WEBSITE if you feel so inclined! You should join us next year!
Below are some snapshots of our week:
(Andy from Dominoes Helping us toss dough and make pizza!)
(I want to eat him for lunch:) I have been laughing lately when I read Cjane. She is always talking about eating her children. I thought my family was the only people on earth to talk this way...but no-siree! Since Jax was 6 months old and roly poly we have pretended to nibble his cheeks, thighs, arms. Poor thing.....he can't outgrow it. He's 3 and still getting nibbled by his uncles, grandparents, Mom & Dad. But serious....he looks delicious in his little apron!
We took a Field Trip to the Firestation!
We mastered our 5 senses!
Oh boy...proof of my cheesiness:)
Pudding Paints!
Hungry Hungry Caterpillar Day...
Lots of stories:)
It was a great week!
We are keeping busy and enjoying the sunshine!
Lots to do before Summer Ends....that's for sure:)
Jarom is FORCING us back to Tahiti Village Resort all next week.
I want to cry I'm so happy. I am all for swimming, sunshine, cabanas, lazy rivers, good food, red vines and 2 novels that I carefully selected at the Library this week:)
NUMBER ONE on the list would have to be having JAROM all to myself.
Oh how I love you Vacation.
Only 1 month til Preschool Starts! Holy Crap.
My Classroom is recieving it's final touches....I am ordering SICKENING amounts of Melissa & Doug (my favorite toys of all time) mother-in-law is making all the brightly colored mom is binding the Nursery Rhyme Books...I think we are going to make it!
NOW that is what I call suport:)
My family is awesome!
They back me 100% and help me achieve all of my crazy ideas and DREAMS....even if they disagree with the Over-Obsessiveness in which I do them.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!
F.Y.I: My Blog will be receiving a much needed facelift soon. Well---it's on the list. DOWN LOW on the list...but it's been noted how ugly and out-of date it's looking!
Love, ME

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Bryce & Brittany said...

Looks like your summer camp went well. Looks like fun too! Can I come next year?:) You have had a very busy summer! I think you've done more this summer than I have in the last 3 years...seriously!