Tuesday, July 20, 2010


For the love! Is this seriously what my blog looks like?!? Is my child wearing a beanie with a picture from JANUARY on the top:)
I will get to this soon....promise.
For NOW---
Summer camp is ruling my life:)
I am happy to admit that we successfully completed 5 senses day today...
and it was a wonderful success!
Poor little Sam cried and cried when it was time to go home.
I LOVE to see them cry....ONLY when it means they love us here at Smarty Pants and can't get enough:):) We did lots of tasting, smelling, touching....and explored/mastered our 5 senses today.
Jaxson has a complete BALL having everyone come to his house for "preschool".
There is nothing like having 1:30 roll around and feeling like you've spent time making a difference in a child's life. I feel more productive and FULFILLED than ever:) Of course, I haven't exercised or got my hair colored in months....but who has time when you are playing red light, green light with your 3 year old.
I love being a mom and I love my job....although I admit that I sweat from every pore for the entire 2.5 hours these kids are here:) It goes with the job I guess.
We did pudding paint self-portraits this morning, had fun with doctor Suess, made green eggs and ham for lunch and learned that TRYING things we don't THINK we like makes all the difference! Of course, with my obsession with dental health and healthy TEETH we spent an hour on Dr. Suess's the TOOTH BOOK as well:) They all have a new love for flossing that's for sure!
I, of course, couldn't survive life without Amanda. She is my amazing assistant and I don't even have time to think or say or ask for something before it is done and placed before me! While I'm being crazy and putting on a show for little ones...she is my lifesaver. I am soooo happy that I found her and that she will be doing this by my side for the next year!
Plus- her little JUDD calls me Aunt Kristin in the most hysterical little voice you've ever heard....so I'll keep them both. It makes me smile.
Tomorrow is our big field trip and we are learning all about COMMUNITY HELPERS.
Wish us luck. We are off to the Fire Station and the pizza man is coming to turn us into CHEFS.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Play with your kids....and don't worry if your house is a mess:)
It feels good...I promise.
(I have soooo much posting to do it's overwhelming)
love, ME

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