Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

We had a busy and wonderful weekend. My husband never gets a day off it to spend a 4 day weekend with him was heaven:) We partied for days...and Tuesday I roamed around the house whining that it was over:)
It's become a tradition to spend Saturday boating. One of our favorite things ever! Jarom is still sore from being launched off the tube one to many times. I wouldn't get in the water this time becuause...well...the color of the lake didn't resemble water in the slightest:)
Jaxson loves to drive the boat.
My family of 9 adults...and this one little 3 year old hit the lake:)
Yep---he was pretty much in charge!
We then headed to my Aunt Lisa's for a barbeque and fireworks....(and for Jarom a much needed 3 hour nap on the front lawn:) Lazy butt.
It is a wonderful thing that I have cousins this young. BECAUSE Jaxson doesn't have a single one---on either side! Little Bailey, Brenner, Tanner and Kayden keep him entertained and I am so happy that he has someone to play with! He adores them. (so funny that these are my little cousins...not jax's)
Sparklers. I am deciding whether or not to post the video in which you will hear and see how paranoid these things make me:) Jaxson loved it. His dad thought it was a good idea to let him have 2...and wave them around like a crazy person! I was a mess.
Monday morning was spent at the 4th of July Parade. Jaxson's Grandpa Bishop was in the Layton it was fun to attend this year! Jaxson scored some serious candy:)
Me and My Boy.
I was melting.
me and jax
The kid does everything wearing sunglasses or goggles. Not kidding. I have to pretend to lose them sometimes...because it can get quite out of hand:)
He's a gomer...but we'll keep him!
We spent some time at the carnival and did all the blow up rides and games for the little man.
We then made our daily trip the SNOWIE. I have a frequent buyer card there:) Jaxson loves to earn quarters during the day...and buy his own every evening. It's hilarous how much it excited him to pay for his own!
I caved and got him a prize. He walks (or flies) around acting like Buzz 24/7 these days. Ever since taking him the TOY STORY3 premier...he is obsessed. It is kinda taking over the world don'tcha think?!? Anyhow---He got to open a pretty cool Buzz that talks, has pop out wings, shoots lasers, etc. It made his day, week, month, year:)
Dad got him a new Tee and some baseballs to practice with.
Mine was cooler... :):)
(notice the swim goggles?!?)
...what am I going to do with him...
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!
I am so slow at posting these days! Another weekend is already here:)
Have a great one!
Maranda---I don't have your cell number. Call me and get up here to go to dinner with us!
Love, Me


Maranda said...

Oh my heck...Jaxson looks like such a big kid these days! What a fun 4th of July weekend. Love that he's wearing swim goggles while swinging a bat. He is such a little character.

So do you know how hard it is to get out with 2 babies?!...Aagghh! I'll talk to Joel, but we should get together this next weekend, if you're not too busy of course. Pretty sure Joel wants to drill Jarom about some things before he takes the Bar. Anyway, we'll be calling you.

Carin said...

I just had to laugh at your cute boy! We just bought Zenock Buzz today for our 3 wk trip to DC. I've never seen a kid so excited and in love. I'm sure Jaxson is the same way. :) Don't you love their age!

The Wells Family said...

awe!! our boys would definitely benefit being little buddies! bobby is always sporting shades or goggles...and rainboots, a bike helmet, and even HAD to wear his gardening gloves to church and to the grocery store. I love being a mother of boys! i loved the post...and i think that jax is SOOO darling!

Ruth Peterson said...

Hi Kristin! I'm going to steal that pic of Brenner, Jax & Bailey! If you have any others that include our B-man, would you mind emailing them to me? We loved going to the Stadium, but I kept thinking of all of the fun B was having that I was missing! I'll message you my email on fb so I don't have it here for all the world to see! Thanks!