Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer 2010

Our Summer is off to a great start. How bout yours?!?
We are spending lots and lots of time outdoors. Swimming at Chery hill, YARD WORK (holy crap how this has changed my life:) and all the usual summer activities. I love warm weather! Something about it makes me much more happy and productive:)
This is still my only child: therefore, his face alone will continue to be splattered across the blog.
It's a good thing I can't get enough of it. You on the other hand....
I won't feel bad if you scroll:)
Although, he pulls some pretty entertaining faces these days...
Our little Buzz lightyear:) Oh I have some stories. Instead I just purchased an Iflip HD video thingy to carry in my purse (best invention ever for a mother of a 3 year old) so that I can start capturing the hilarious off the wall things he says instead of just "TRYING" to replicate their pricelessness in words. Video clips coming soon....
(jarom says he gets this one from his mother:)
close up
LOTS AND LOTS of tramp time is being had.
We spend at least an hour every night jumping, wrestling, playing jaxson's favorite games: ring around the rosie, motorboat motorboat, etc.
He loves every minute.
It's nights like this (last FHE) that we finally can relax and think to ourselves: maybe all of our crazy busy working is worth it!!! Times like this when we get to enjoy it and our family.....mainly, our son Jaxson John.
....and watch the joy on his face...
Yep....Worth it:)
Wrestling. his favorite thing ever. That or I have to crawl around on all fours and act like a monster (growling is a must) and he attacks me. Sidenote: IT IS NOT FUN TO BE HEAD BUTTED:) Especially with my child's 90th percentile noggan.
Tramp area in backyard:)
Be nicer when my plants grow a bit and fill in...but I love it.
NOW...about sweeping the street?!?
No worries! That is FHE tonight. Fun stuff.
(I can't post yard pics because creepos will know where I live)
BUT thanks to all those who've asked:)
We survived! and now are getting to enjoy it. Hallelujah.
This is Jaxson's Sand box/play area. We usually have about 5-10 neighbor kids over climbing all over it. It's that it's over:)
you are looking at 14,000 pounds of sand. I only care to remember this detail because me and Jarom wheel-barrowed it one bucket at a time. Ouch.
I am officially a COUPONER:)
I go every monday....and wednesday. Fun stuff.
This little shopping trip to Target only cost me about 12 bucks. Oh...and I earned a 5.00 Target Giftcard:) You wouldn't believe how much crap I get! My trip this morning should have cost me 150.00 bucks...and I spent 24.00.
It's a rush:):)
Jarom seems to enjoy this new hobby of mine as well.
We are trying things I would never ever ever spend money on before.
....he let me get shelving in my fruit room and I've about stocked it already....
Hello Food Sorage!
HAPPY 4th Of JULY!!!!
How could I not mention that we are only days away from my all time favorite holiday.
I like it better than Christmas:)
I swear it.
My house has officially been 4th of July'd, ha ha
I have been wanting to do these Jars for a while...and decorate them for each holiday.
My friend had some that were cute and springy i decided to go for it!
They are fun...
I hope you are enjoying your Summer. I can't believe it's almost the 4th of July!
Wow, what a year it's been!!!
We dug the hole for our house on JULY 5th last year.
This little spot I call home was just a bunch of weeds and a prayer that we could do it:)
It's been a crazy busy year....with several fun moments (and even more insanely stressful ones)...and I've never been more grateful to be this far in the process.
Have a wonderful Week.
If any of you want to join me at Cherry Hill tomorrow....we are talking 97 degrees.
I will only survive that kind of heat IN WATER.
Happy 4th of July!
Love, Me


Kelley said...

Your home is beautiful, love all the decorations! And that playground area is to die for!

Chersten said...

You never cease to amaze me Krisin!! I love the pictures and that little guy is so cute. I would love love love to learn about couponing. I do a little. Is it hard and time consuming. Anyway, would love to see you sometime. Have a great 4th of July.

Chersten said...

Believe it or not, I can spell Kristin right.

Jen said...

What a cute family you have! It is so nice to see a mother who knows where her mission lies.