Sunday, June 20, 2010


Let me first admit that I whole heartedly recognize how unnecessary it is to publicly announce my break from blogging:):).....but my lack of updating is causing me stress:) Call it OCD or whatever you want (I have several speculations about why I am this way....)...but nonetheless, here I am....Announcing Away!
See---This way I can sleep better at night thinking "I am choosing to do other things"....instead of the ugly alternative...."I need to upload those pics and write about that....and update this...and do are soooo can't keep up" til I'm nuts and worked up about how there aren't enough hours in the day!
Everyone is super busy in the blogging world! I know that I am. More so than I ever have been before in my life (except last summer when we built a house and my life outside yelling at people ceased to exist completley). I am soooo busy in a wonderful and refreshing way.
I have re-evaluated. Cut painful and irritating habits/things from my life and tried to start Fresh. Kind of like making New Years Goals...only I did it in June. I have started New Hobbies, Organized to my hearts content, Met so many new wonderful friends and neighbors that will be part of my life and children's life forever! I've consumed 2 packages of Golden Double Stuffed Oreos, purchased season tickets to Cherry Hill and totally walk around 3 times a week with no skirt (even though my cheese is hanging out everywhere) just because skirts annoy me:) and who cares anyways!!!
I am so busy...but so happy.
I am sooo behind on Scrapbooking...but there will always be time. There will ALWAYS be winter (a 7 month long ordeal here in Utah) where I can sit on my couch and scrapbook til I'm all caught up!
For now, I am enjoying the sunshine. I am enjoying jumping on the tramp with my little munchkin...and I even helped Jarom install the swings and put the final touches on Jaxson's big swing set in the backyard this weekend. I am even ordering 5 tons of sand to be delivered this week...even though I loathe sand! I cringe at the thought of it being everywhere and in everything...taking over for years to come....but who cares!!!! My baby will love it:) So I'll deal with it. You only live once:)
We had a family date night this weekend and saw the Premier of TOY STORY 3. Which if you haven't noticed is TAKING OVER THE WORLD. I've even gotten into the spirit....and feel like I'm 5 years old again. I get sucked into the isles and big Displays at every store.
I won't even desrcibe my 15 minutes of bawling at the end of it! I sobbed for the last 20 minutes straight. WHY oh WHY did I have to see that?!? A little boy growing up, moving to college and giving away all his favorite things/attachment items that helped him grow and MADE his childhood. While the mother just stared at his empty room?!?! Oh---I was not ok. It was a mess.
I have cried over something (tv show, song, movie, talk in church) every single day for a week straight! It's nuts. I am such a boob.
Anyhow...there you have it.
My announcement to my break from blogging.
It may be a week....or a day....or a month.
Who knows:)
I just hate doing things halfway....and this little spot on the www is taking a back seat on the priority list this summer!
Have a good one!!!
Eat some oreos....skip just one day at the gym...and have some fun:)
No one's looking. And if they are...they need a life:)
Love, Me

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