Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are alive...

I'd have to say this last month has been the worst in my blogging career.

Wow...I've been busy. In a good way:)


I met my soul mate. ha ha

One who shares my same love and passion for each and every holiday, adores shopping and LUVES getting a good deal, insists on always have a project and is contantly searching for something else to cram into her day:) Can I just say that I thought I was a clean freak...until i showed up last week and she had removed all of her curtains and was vacuuming them:)

She gets me.

I think I've spent more hours with her than I have with my husband the past few weeks.

But oh we've had fun!!!


I won't even begin tell you about the crazy things we've gotten for FREE on our couponing adventures. I about started crying when I pulled out of Target only 4.oo bucks later with a cart full of stuff:) Check out I love all the links and giveaways:) Makes couponing that much easier.

It is a rush! ha ha.


I am truly looking forward to this summer with my little man.

Last summer we were building our house...and I barely saw him!

I am going to make up for it this year...for sure:)


I am hating this rain...but loving the few warm days we've had!

What is this weather, anyways?!?

It doesn't quite feel like June.






Tuesday we had a big water party in the backyard: complete with sprinklers, pool, wet trampoline, slip n' slide and popsicles. Like 50 popsicles:) Have I mentioned that I have never been more thankful for grass?!? I love grass. I love it love it love it.


We gave in and purchased Cherry Hill Passes with a group of friends and between that, the darling summer movies that are playing at the megaplex and trips to Discovery Gateway...we are looking at a Full and Fun Summer.

We headed to Discovery Gateway with friends on Thursday. Packed a lunch and spent hours there exploring. Jaxson is a big Fan!







On the top floor they have a real LIFE FLIGHT helicopter for the children to play in. It is really loud and sounds just like a helicopter inside!

My favorite part was when jaxson climbed in and it started up.

That kid F-R-E-A-K-E-D. I've never seen someone fly out of his seat and book it at 100 miles per hour into my arms. He thought the 5 year old in the drivers seat was going to take him into the air...without his mama! So hilarious. Needless to say....I spent the next 15 minutes in the plane with him, convincing him it wasn't going to leave the ground!



Smarty Pants Summer Camps are filling up and we are busy planning a fun-filled week of learning for the little ones! I am so excited...and looking forward to it.

I dreamt about it all night...and woke up with tons of motivation! Let's hope it lasts!

The things I want to do can get quite overwhelming:)


Last but not least.....

This child is in LOVE with his daddy.

I know he loves me....but his affection for his father is unparalleled.

It's depressing. And sweet at the same time. ha!


He is his little shadow. He follows him around constantly and looks forward to him coming home from work every night! He has been outside for 4.5 hours with his little fake screwdriver and hard hat helping his dad put together his swing set.

Being with his daddy never gets old! Even when it's work.


Which reminds me...I'm inside because I need to be preparing my lesson for church tomorrow.

Whoops. Side-tracked:)

We had fun plans with friends tonight...but looks like our little man has Pink Eye. No fun.

Jarom is totally depressed about staying home from church with him tomorrow! Ha!


I will be better:) updating....


I just decorated for the 4th of July!!! I am feeling very patriotic and although I've mentioned my love for this holiday a million times....I will say it again!

It's my fav.


Love, Me


Amanda said...

Awwwhhh...thanks for the kind bit about our new friendship! I love love love you and we have had almost TOO much fun! Can't wait for summer to hit full force!

I have like 6 people totally interested in summer let's get that flier and sell some spots!

I love the pic of Jax and Jar! They are so darling together...I love the relationship that Daddy's have with their kids. It is very different than what they share with us, but awesome!

Thanks for the's to some more!

Amanda xoxo

Bryce & Brittany said...

I was seriously starting to wonder if I should send out a search party for you. You hadn't updated your blog and you've conveniently forgotten about your long lost friend in Nevada. No calls?? What's up with that? I want to see pics of the yard too. Sounds like you're alive and well so I guess I'll call off the search party.:)