Wednesday, June 2, 2010

where to begin....

Life is full right now.
Which is just how we like it around here.
I truly don't know where to begin...and re-capping in order just doesn't sound here goes!
In whatever random order I can remember from the whirlwind that was the past month of our lives!!!
I am in love with living less than a mile from J&J Nursery. I have planted more planters and pots of flowers than I should have...but it's been super relaxing. Unless you count the first 7 gigantic planters that I did on Mother's Day---that froze---died---and had to be RE-DONE!
Note to self: Plant all pots at Memorial Day next year instead:)
It was a good practice run that only cost 150 bucks:)
BUT --- Now that I'm a professional...I have some pretty gorgeous looking pots of geraniums, Impatients, Coleus and Grasses that are thriving and making me happy!
Which brings me to:
which has kicked my butt by the way. Not in the "I have done so much myself" kind of a way....just the "stressing, anul perfectionist side of me going insane" kind of a way!
I have researched and learned and photographed and studied different plants for weeks:) Who knew that I could ever learn the difference between a Chanticleer Flowering Pear, Parkway Maple, Goldmount Spirea, Variagated get the idea.
Guess what?!? I like it.
I used to think that all plants looked alike. No MORE!
I have fallen in love with planting and I assure you it was quite the task designing an entire landscape that would look semi-decent NOW and still look beautiful FULL-GROWN in 15 years.
Why oh why can't things at the nursery look the same forever????
Just 2 short week ago I was surrounded by dirt (then thanks to the incessant raining...MUD)!
because of the wonderful took 10 days instead of 1 to have my landscaper install and finish all sprinkling systems, drip systems, grating, raking...etc.
This would be the Tramp-pit = giant hole in the corner of our yard for 10 days that my son would pee into for fun and entertainment. I am embarrassed to know how many of my neighbors looked out the window and noticed that my child's shorts were around his ankles and he was aiming at rocks down below!
Oh that boy...what am I doing to do with him?!?
Jaxson helped a lot. Well---he thought so.
He would scatter his dump trucks and cranes and shovels around the yard and pretend to dig.
I think it was his personal heaven. Surrounded by dirt, digging in mud...24/7 for over a week.
He didn't want it to end. I am still mopping and washing and dusting and cleaning up the aftermath!!!
He helped his dad plant bushes and trees in all of my desired locations!
He threw a MILLION rocks into the tramp pit...which was actually quite helpful!
Jarom is sore and so thankful that it is over. I sure wish I had a final picture o it all!!! We spent saturday putting up the tramp and doing final touches. Isn't that how it goes!?! After that much work and sweat...taking a picture seems like torture! In a few days maybe I'll venture out and snap one! I am super happy with it. Of course, I still have ideas and projects in the works. The sandbox needs to be filled and the begging Jarom to put together Jaxson's Swing Set hasn't even begun yet!!! Finishing the island is on the list for tomorrow evening!
Yardwork NEVER NEVER NEVER ends.
I like to keep Jarom busy...with all my crazy ideas. In the middle of this project...we started another. I had this idea that the garage needed to be cleaned and organized...and it couldn't wait. I want a pressure washer by the way...but the joy it brings me to wash off the cement with one of those is for a whole other post on a whole other day!!! I had Jarom install some shelving and with the help of handfuls of brightly colored tubs and totes...I organized the toys into categories. I. am. such. a. nerd. It is pitiful.
Sand toys, lawn toys, pool/water toys, bikes/scooters, etc.
OOOOOHHHHHHH it felt so good!
Oh...and I turned 26 years old!
Holy crap.
....Jarom snapped this picture of me on my way to the pantry to retrieve a handful of chocolate covered raisins. I have the 3 lb box of them from COSTCO in there....and they call my name periodically throughout the day....
(if you were wondering why I was standing by the pantry door:):)
Which reminds me!!! Every single duck at Jensen Nature Park had babies. There is nothing more fun than Spring and all the new baby everything! Jaxson suggested buying a baby brother at Walmart...but they were out. We had a fun afternoon with my mom and brother Stephen...
feeding the ducks and having a good laugh. They are super friendly and one of them tried to eat Jaxson's Pointer finger.
Scared the crap out of him.
We did break away from the work to enjoy a quick trip to Southern Utah for some Four Wheeling. It's our Memorial Day Tradition. Jaxson is obsessed. Of course, he loves anything with an engine or motor. He is a total boy!!! Too much boy for me to handle sometimes....but I'll keep him.
Life is good.
A group of 20+ women from my neighborhood are heading to Noodles & Company for my night is looking up! No cooking:):)
Tomorrow we are going to Discovery Gateway...and I am excited to see Jaxson's reaction!
He will love it!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your Summer:)


Amanda said...

Whew...that was a LOT to accomplish babe! Love love love it all! Hope you had fun at dinner group and I can't wait for tomorrow! Jax is SO gonna love it!

Sabrina said...

FUN Memorial Day Weekend! Can't wait to see a pic of your final yard!

Tara and Andrew said...

A- I LOVE chocolate covered raisins and didn't know/or had forgot that you liked them too! And B- My son is ALSO obsessed with four-wheeling and wants to live on one for his whole life. We should be besties again:)