Monday, May 3, 2010

We're BACK....

I'm home. against my will.
I contemplated just, Jarom, jaxson, pool, sunshine....I wouldn't have felt bad for one second if I never came home. Jaxson totally agreed. He kept saying "I don't want to live in Layton...I want somebody else to have our house in Layton and we can live here!!!"
He cried so hard when we left.
Not as hard as I did...but close.
I'm back in the saddle...doing laundry, dusting, designing our yard, going through ridiculous stacks of mail...and all I keep thinking about is my perfect trip with my boys! Time is a tricky thing, isn't it?!? The whole time I was gone I was stuck in Countdown mode...constantly worried about TIME and how quickly it was going. How sad I'd be when it was over and we had to head home.
Last night was my nervous breakdown about the whole thing...and I'm glad to report after a little back rub and pep talk from Jarom...I will be ok. It's hard hanging out with him for days and days...then BAM...he's gone. All. The. Time. He is hilarious and fun and sexy and it's totally rude that you can marry somebody who you kinda like hanging out with and then REAL LIFE says he has to go to work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Agreed?!?
My child was in heaven!
He was spoiled rotten with attention from his daddy and is devastated that he is gone today.
We make an hourly phone call to talk to him...but that just isn't cutting it!
He LOVED the resort in Vegas and the beautiful pool.
That kid is a fish! I was so proud of him. He is fearless:)
Disneyland was obviously a hit! He met all of his idols...Handy Manny, Woody, Mickey, Tigger!
Was the bravest little 3 year old ever...and went on every single ride!
He never cried...and only ONCE on the Tower of Terror (that had 10 year olds wetting there pants by the way)...said "Mama...that one made my tummy hurt!"
Reality is no fun. BUT we are home!
Not to mention I had a wonderful break from the Internet. was heavenly being without the internet for that long!
I cannot tell you.
I should cancel comcast and relish in the NOT KNOWING:)
I took SOOO many darling pictures. None of which look that great...because I was having to much fun to care:) We had the best vacation ever and it will take us a good few weeks to get back to the normal routine that is our lives!
May brings with it SOOOOO much to do.
Monday I get a sprinkling system, curbing, yard, trees, plants, etc.
All of which will need to be weeded, fertilized, mowed and uggghhh......TAKEN CARE OF:)
Tons of blogging and scrapbooking and pictures to come.
I just can't look at them yet or I'll burst into tears.
Love, Me


Maranda said...

Welcome back to real life. It pretty much sucks! I can't wait till I can take a vacation. With two babies, it might be a few years! Sounds like you all had fun. Can't wait to see pictures!

Amanda said...

Oh Kristin I so feel the same way! Sad we didnt run into each other in Disneyland...we'll have to swap photos and memories! Sorry it just wasn't long enough for ya...that's a bummer! We'll chat soon... :)