Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We are Back!

aaaggghhhhh....This Trip was much needed....and greatly enjoyed:)

It's always hard coming back.


I have had a fun few hours sifting through the pictures...just laughing and looking at the joy on my baby's face as he took it ALL IN! It was such beautiful weather and a great MIX of relaxing, swimming, sunshine, good food, and the magic of Disneyland with our firstborn! It was so much fun for us, as parents, to take Jaxson and watch his little face light up with excitement!


Nothing is better than seeing your child so happy!

He loved having so much time with his dad.

It made my heart break...to truly realize how much he misses him during the week.

They are best friends...and Jarom is such a patient and attentive daddy.


We did so much on our trip and I feel like I haven't been home in forever!

It will take multiple posts I'm sure...so I'm starting with our first destination:



I'm pretty sure this place fit Jarom and I perfectly...because it was most definitely our Heaven on Earth:) We could lay on a beach somewhere for 10 days straight with a bag of red vines and be completely content.

You should go there...this weekend:) I promise.

We are already planning our next trip back!


A beautiful 85 degrees...gorgeous pools and waterfalls...lazy river...1 bedroom and TV for the moms and dads and a separate bedroom and TV for the Kiddos, a kitchen, family oriented activites, away from the strip! :)

It had so many things that I loved!

Following is a list that will convince you that you should go too...:):)

The Kitchen: It was great to make Jaxson breakfast and lunch everyday...he didn't have to miss one day of his usual macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk for lunch!!! Plus they serve you pina colada's and lunch right by the pool if you wish!

2 bedrooms: It was wonderful for him to have his own big bed and dvd player to watch movies...and it let us watch our own as well:)

For Families: It is so family oriented...and a few blocks from the trashy, disgusting, revolting strip that is Las Vegas:) acrossed the street from the Vegas Outlets AND Town Center! I scored at H&M for Jaxson...and GAP. Not to mention the Charlotte Russe Outlet. ooohhhh...it was fun. Jarom tried to enjoy that part...but it was next to impossible:)

No casino: I felt safe.

MADE FOR KIDS: My child had treasure hunts for candy around the poolside in the afternoons...floated in the lazy river...and built sand castles to his hearts content on a huge beach they made to feel like you're truly in Tahiti!

Most Gorgeous thing ever: I ate read vines, soaked in the hot tub with my hubby, read a book under my cabana and watched my child pretends to SURF on his boogie board for 20+ hours! The scenery was insane. Couldn't have been prettier.


SERIOUS. It was perfect.

Jarom wants to go back for Memorial Day:) ha ha.
Upon arriving at the front desk...Jaxson informed about 5 employees that his name was "Cody Maverick" and that he knew exactly how to surf. The only thing he needed was a necklace like Big Z. They were dying....
Have you seen the movie "Surf's Up" ?!?
The kid is obsessed....
The kid is infatuated with surfing. He loves to see pictures, watch movies...he was mesmerized at the ocean! It even showed surfers in the ride "Soarin over California" in the California adventure park and so we had to ride it several times just for him! I'm not sure where this came from....but I highly disagree with this hobby:) I hope he grows out of it before he's a teenager and tries it!
I have to say....the sand was a great touch!
It truly felt like you were on an island...playing on the beach.
It was a kid magnet...of course, and gave Jaxson hours of fun.
He squirted his dad with these fishies for a HOURS.
He also used them as baseballs and chucked them acrossed the length of the pool for hours.
To which every adult over 25 would comment "My 8 year old grandkid can't throw like that"...."Oh my goodness...he really has an arm".
It was all fun and games until he nailed an old lady who was enjoying a leisurely float on her back...right in the chest. I was mortified!
...everywhere my 2 boys go...there is throwing a baseball.
The Lazy River was another favorite. It was relaxing...and the scenery was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Jaxson thought it was the greatest thing ever.
Jarom's a the fun parent...because he went under every single waterfall over and over and let Jaxson get nailed! Being the little obnoxious boy that he is...this was his highlight! He would gut laugh so hard and loud...he had quite the little audience. I wasn't that nice...so when he wanted to get pummeled...I let him FLOAT with his dad.
He is quite the little fish...and because of his fearless attitude...I pretty much kept him a life jacket. You never knew when the kid was going to leap off the stairs and pretend to swim like an adult.
He's nuts and definitely keeps us on our toes!
He was such a sweetheart the entire trip. He never whined or threw a fit...he took the drive better than I did. Watched 3-4 movies in a row and only stopped us 1 time to go #2. hee hee. He was more hyper and happy than we had ever seen him! We kept commenting to eachother about how fun it was to see him like this! He was relishing in the time away with us...and it made me feel so good.
Playing on the beach...
Me and my 3 year old!
How did that happen?!?!
He is huge...and independent...and doesn't really need me anymore:)
He's my snugglebug....he makes me happy!
me and jax
Jarom never tires of playing with him! It was some much needed one-on-one time...just Jaxson and Jarom. I was eating red vines and reading my book from my lounge chair....and occasionally looked up to snap a picture from afar! ha ha.
jarom and jax
me and jaxson
After 3 days of sunshine...2 trips to Applebee's for a big fat steak & Spinach and Artichoke dip (oh my gosh...I love that stuff to death!!!!) and some wonderful shopping that Jarom endured quite well...we were on our way to California!
Maybe later I will have the energy and time to upload another 25 pictures of that little adventure:)
I will pace myself...and spare you for now!
We are back to reality and the bathrooms need scrubbing!
Off I go...


B&B Goldsberry said...
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B&B Goldsberry said...

OH my gosh!! How stinkin fun is that!? I want to go there! Is it a timeshare or something?

Bryce & Brittany said...

That place looks awesome!! Nothing like a little trip to Tahiti!:) I'm just slightly jealous. I couldn't go there anytime soon due to the EXTRA weight I'm carrying.:)

Kristin Bishop said...

Yes! It is a beautiful timeshare in Vegas. I want one:):) It was heavenly.