Thursday, May 6, 2010

Disneyland...Huntington Beach!

Our Disneyland adventure was everything you'd
expect with an excited 3 year old!
Very Entertaining (and rewarding for the momma!) :)
He looked adorable in his Mickey ears I might add.
Every child did! Something about popping them on...makes everything more fun and exciting!
Jax's morning ritual includes at least 3 episodes of Mickey Mouse he was a tad bit excited to meet and hug this little guy!
I took him on Dumbo...which he loved. I have to say though...he enjoyed the big scary rides like Tower of Terror just as much as these little ones! He was SO brave. I was very shocked and impressed. What a good little sport. It made it so easy and enjoyable for me and Jarom too! He went on EVERYTHING with us.
This picture says it all.
I was more excited for my child to meet Mater and Lightening Mcqueen than he was!
He is IN LOVE with these 2 more than anything on earth.
All you Mother's of girls out there...equate it to their love of princesses and dress up gowns:)
EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES relates back to these two things. Needless to say it was one of my highlights of the trip...letting him get see them in person! They also drove in the parade...which we watched from the front row TWICE.
Meeting them has only fueled his obsession I'm afraid:)
What a poser. Are you serious?!? Where did you get that? Arm up on the hood like he owns it.
I take way way way to many pictures. He's getting creative.
Dad, Jaxson and Goofy. Jaxson really wanted to meet goofy's girlfriend CLARABELLE...but no such luck. He loves this guy too....
There is something so magical and special about seeing your child meet these's that they watch everyday and learn from and LOVE... in person. Don't ya think?
Our trip was wonderful.
(Mom and Jaxson at Rainforest Cafe: Downtown Disney)
Shoulder rides from Gramps!
Don't those Mickey ears make you melt.
Grandma couldn't resist buying him souvenirs.
Here he is attacking people with his LIGHT Saber grandma surprised him with during the
Pixar Play Parade!
Toon Towne is just darling, isn't it?
It's like kid heaven.
We spent our first night there...just letting Jaxson take his time and take it all in!
Waiting for the Roller Coaster!
He really thought somebody was going to start talking to him.
He stood there on this fake phone...with a VERY serious look on his face...for a long time.
Jarom and I laughed and laughed at him.
AUTOPIA = another BOY heaven on earth!
Jaxson obviously couldn't wipe the smile off of his face.
Him+driving+his own little car+being with his dad = HYPER!
I was driving the car in front of him...turned around to snap a picture and my car totally died right on the track. Jaxson rammed into the back of me right after this photo.
California Adventures!
I liked this park way better than Disneyland.
I have to admit...we spent more time here I think.
I fell in Love with Bugs Land.
The ONLY thing I hated was the damn Mickey Fun Wheel you see behind us.
Scared the crap out of me.
It should have seat belts...that's all I am going to say.
(both me and Jarom said a few choice words until we were let out:)
...those cages swing wildly by the way...hee hee
Classic Castle Pictures.
Love these two...
HAD TO...JUST HAD TO...get a family picture with Lightening McQueen.
I want to remember this sweet obsession and love of his forever.
They are "IN-TO" each stage for such a short was really exciting for me document it and totally make his dream come true!
Me and Jaxson on Fantasy Land Carousel.
For the 5th time:):)
Chip...or Dale?!?
Can't remember!
Jaxson thought it was mouse. ha ha ha
I don't know why...but I think that is hilarous!
ANOTHER souvenir! BUZZ lightyear.
He lights up, spins, etc.
He played with this toy for the 12 hour drive home.
BEST 15 bucks I've ever spent:)

I love these 2 pictures of my boys at the ocean.
Jaxson had never seen the ocean before...and his small obsession with surfers was magnified by a he watched them catch the waves.
He LOVED running from the waves...his DADDY does anything he they did this for almost an hour:)
LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband.
I am finally ok with being home! I wasn't so sure for the first few days:)
Vacations are wonderful though...aren't they?!?.
Everybody needs time away...and more often than we realize sometimes:)
It is soooo perfect and necessary to spend time with your family and give your children one-on-one time with both parents together. They remember it forever...and I know I will! I need to stop stressing about the money...and just do it! Memories are all we get to take with us....
You take your child to Disneyland for the FIRST TIME...only once...and it couldn't have been more fun! I still remember the first time with my mom and dad as a 6 year old little girl:) It rained and my dad bought me a Minnie Poncho and umbrella...and 20 years later I still remember it in perfect detail. So does he. I remember being so happy...and carefree...and Loved!
I hope to make our EVERYDAY life a bit more exciting and fun for Jaxson.
He had so much fun while we were gone...and was a little depressed to come home as well!
I figured that it shouldnt' be so ALL or NOTHING around the Bishop I need to focus on doing something FUN everyday! are only young once...and I want Jaxson to have that Happy, Carefree, LOVED feeling as long as possible:)
Summer is almost here and I am hoping to enjoy a FEW more family trips with my boys:)
Love, ME


Sarah said...

It looks like your trip was A-mazing! Seriously-love your blog. You are a terrific mom and writer.

Bryce & Brittany said...

How about a family trip with Brittany to Blanding??:) I really hope you and Jaxson can come with me. I haven't been to DisneyLand in forever but I always remember it. So fun!! I love the picture of Jaxson leaning against Lightning McQueen with him foot up on his other foot. What a ham!:)

Nicole said...

What cute pictures! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time! By the way, the chipmunk is Dale because he has a red nose! Chip has a black nose! Sorry, I am a total Disney nerd. :)