Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day...

I don't have one picture of My Mother's Day!
I should...because I got my child all dolled up and looking precious...and I actually applied some makeup yesterday:) Jarom didn't look all that bad either:):)
HOWEVER---we were busy enjoying our day. The camera never left the car.
I did get to spend My Mother's Day Weekend MOTHERING with every sense of the word.
My little cuddlebug was sick. Way sick. He had a high fever for 2-3 days, nauseous stomach, diarhea...the works! He wanted me!!! and as much as I hate to see him sick....those moments are becoming few and far between now that he's 3 years old!
He wanted me to hold him. He wanted me to rub his back. He wanted me to give him Tylenol every 6 hours on the dot. He wanted me to read books. He wanted me to lay down by him.
I did all of those things.
...and loved it....
He's a pretty low maintenance sick far as sick kids go.
No crying...lots of sleeping...a look on his face that makes you want to switch places immediately and be sick yourself as long as it means they can be back to their obnoxious and hyper self ASAP!
We read books A LOT! A new book I bought him for Mother's Day.
Entitled: " Mom says I can"
This book is sweet and encouraging and the perfect gift for a little boy.
Not to mention...after I read the first page...I put it in the cart without reading one more word of it! You see---it uses our Pet Names. I have called Jax my SNUGGLEBUG since birth. I have no clue where it came from...but crazy things come out of your mouth the minute they hand you a squirming little guy and you are a MOTHER. Jarom has always always always called him LITTLE BUDDY.
Ok Little buddy, I will little buddy, come here little buddy, are you feeling sick little buddy!
ha ha ha.
I hear that 3 million times a day!
It's cute.
So when I flipped open the cover of this book and it read:
Hi, I'm Max!
Mom calls me Snuggle Bug
And Dad calls me Little Buddy.
But today I'm super cool Max
Best Treasure Hunter EVer!
I'm going to find
The World's Greatest Treasure.
Mom Says I can!!!
I gasped...fought back tears..and bought it.
We haven't stopped reading it.
We had a pleasant day traveling from house to house to visit MOTHER'S!
We had a delightful afternoon with Jarom's mom and grandma...a yummy lunch and dessert!
We had a Perfect evening at my Parent's...spending time with my Mom and Grandma who came to visit! We had the best dinner ever (thanks to my mom's ability to cook anything to perefection:) and exchanged gifts.
I love being a Mother.
With every great thing...there is usually a catch.
With the calling of's TIME.
The moment you become a mother (or I did) I wanted to stop TIME.
I stress over time, I cry to Jarom about it, I get all worked up that it's going by too fast!
DON'T get me wrong...I enjoy it all too...
...but when it comes down to it..
...the hardest thing a mother has to face is the passing of TIME.
I hope you all had a Wonderful and Relaxing Mother's Day Weekend.
I managed to plant SEVERAL humongous pots of flowers for my front porch and driveway.
Only one is already showing signs of death, so that's a positive:)
I will learn to grow things...I will!
Love, ME

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Amanda said...

So glad you have a great mothers day! Jax is VERY lucky to have such a wonderful mother! You are amazing!