Friday, April 23, 2010

See ya later...

We are finally somewhat packed and ready!
What a week:) It has been so a little R&R is greatly needed:)
More for my husband...than for me...but I'll take it.
I did SALE both of our cars this I deserve a little somehing...don't ya think?!?
Our First stop is Tahiti Resort in Vegas.
Jarom is begging for us to to skip the DISNEY thing and spend all 11 days laying right here...
We came to a compromise...and will be spending the first 4 letting him sleep and eat to his hearts content:) At a beautiful resort acrossed the street from wonderful weather that isn't snowing every other day...and letting Jaxson "surf"....which is what he is CONSTANTLY talking about! He stands on his boogie board and pretends:) He's nuts!
Then we are off to enjoy DISNEY and California Adventures!
I am excited.
Jaxson is a wired mess!
NEVER NEVER NEVER tell your child that you are going to Disneyland until 15 minutes before you pull up to the opening gate. My mistake. The kid is an emotional wreck. I pulled up this picture of Mickey and Minnie and it's the most happy I've seen him all day!
disney 560
I haven't had a second to respond to e-mails...or comments...or messages...or anything.
I barely survived this I am sorry!!!
I will be back with WAY more pictures than I should...hopefully a small tan on my white happy child...and a well rested husband:)
I love Vacation.
Only one thing left to do...DVR Biggest Loser...and we are outta here!
Have a wonderful week!

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Aaron and Angie said...

Jealous... That's all I have to say.