Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am in shock this morning!
Last night...oh at about 10:00 p.m...I decided to embark on the hobby of COUPONING.
It has always stressed me out...even the thought of it to be honest:)
Who wants to spend time sitting around cutting coupons from newspapers?
Plus---I don't even get a newspaper! Ha ha.
However---I just robbed several stores. No kidding.
...and you are going to want to learn how...I promise!
I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. organizing my deal finding for today.
Why do I cram so much into the 48 hours before vacation?!? Why...oh Why.
I will start with my groceries!
The total came up to over over 200 bucks....I paid 42.00.
That's right! 10 loafs of bread, 8 boxes pop tarts, enough spaghetti sauce to last 6 months, 10 lb. bags of potatoes, hot pockets, bottled water, 8 gallons of Apple Juice....and that is just the beginning! It was such a rush! ha ha.
If you think that was good....follow me through this deal.
I waltzed my butt into Walgreens this morning and had them re-fill my color and black ink cartridges for only 1.00!!!!! Last week (before I was a coupon-er I paid 85.00 bucks at Sam's Club for new ink to print preschool stuff! aaaghhhhh). I then checked out with One tube of Toothpaste for 2.oo. It gets better! When I checked out it printed a cash back coupon of 2.00 for me to use immediately on anything! I then turned around and purchased 2 BIG Dawn Dish soaps with a coupon that made them 99cents each....except instead of using money...I used the 2.00 cash back coupon! That's right baby....F.R.E.E. Both of them.
It then printed another coupon for 1.00 cash back...which I used to buy Reynolds Tin Foil. I used the Walgreens coupon to make the Tin Foil 89 cents...and then used the 1.00 cash back to make it free.
I left Walgreens with 2 new ink cartridges, toothpaste, 2 dish soaps, and tin foil...for 3.00.
The deals don't stop there!!!
Me and Jarom will be enjoying MANY Cold Stone desserts for the entire duration of our trip. The most I'll pay is 2.00 bucks a piece...for the BIG ONE! Wahoo.
I also found some amazing deals on Gift Cards to Restaurants!
I purchased $25 gift cards to Gandolfo's, Golden Corral (I know:), SkyBox at the Gateway and a delicious Restaurant in Downtown Disney all for 3.00 each!
Oh yah for Date Nights! I am still in shock...don't you worry!
I also got $25 Gift Card to Rod Works for 10.00 bucks each!!!
Last night I combo'd a few deals to get This Darly Flirty Apron for myself for Mother's day!
I think it was less than 15.00!
...and this morning I purchased the following little summer shirts for Jaxson....FOR FREE!
I have a new addiction.
I'ts going to get bad. I can promise you that.
Start Clipping Coupons can do it to!
Now off to pack...I have a vacation waiting...only 24 hours and counting:)
Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!!!


Erin said...

Welcome to the world of couponing!! We have been doing coupons in our house for quite a while now and have saved literally thousands of dollars doing it. If you are ever interested I teach grocerysmarts classes in peoples homes. I work for an awesome website that I LOVED before I even started working for them. You can go to and type in the passport code g84cep, that gets you into the utah stores. You can then select the store that you want to look at and it will bring up a list of everything that is on sale at that store and any coupon matchups that you need for the deal. It does all the work for you. If you ever want to have a class done in your home let me know. The website is free as well as the class. I'm just helping to get the word out about couponing and the website. Have fun with your new little hobby and have tons of fun on your vacation. I am VERY jealous you get to go to disneyland with your little guy. My little boy has been begging to go.


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh Kristin I so love you! haha
I am so glad I was able to be a part of getting you hooked!
Can't wait to see ya in Disneyland!

Amanda :)

Lauren & Brandon said...

I'm most curious about buying the restaurant coupons for $3.00 each! Write me back on my blog cause I'd really like to know!

Brandie said...

KRISTIN I live in Layton and after reading your blog my hubby said I will be going shopping with you... If you ever need a buddy to hit the stores with I wanna know how you did this. I always see people able to get such good deals but no idea how.

Kristin Bishop said...

you got it Lauren...I left you comment with how!


Sabrina said...

Way to go Kristin! That's awesome.

(and I love that apron!)

The Christensens said...

I love couponing, but I want to know how you got the shirts for free :)

jen said...

Ok I'm with Brandie. I'm in Layton too so next time you go coupon shopping, I need to tag along. I just don't get it! Will you teach me too? :)