Sunday, May 16, 2010


Jaxson spent the weekend with his Aunt Kayla.
It was a pleasant surprise that I wasn't planning on...but I think we both had a wonderful Weekend!
My mom and sister joined me Friday in celebration of my 26th Birthday!!
We Shopped, talked, laughed, ATE at ZUPA'S, then wrapped up the celebration with Cold Stone!
I was able to spend the day with my favorite people... eating all of my favorite things:)
What more can you ask for?!?
Well....I'll tell you.
Your sister then begs to take your child and spoil him for the weekend...leaving you with complete freedom and 100% of your husbands attention and (affection;)!!!
Happy Birthday to Me!!!!
Jarom's parents then arrived and took us out for a delicious dinner and spoiled me some more.
Not sure how I got so lucky BUT they are WAY too good to me....
Jarom made sure we did everything I wanted:) We watched movies, dined on the patio at the Cheesecake Factory, Ate Adams Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple Cheesecake for Breakfast, Spent 2 hours at the Nursery picking plants and flowers I want in my yard and HE put up shelving in my garage so I could fuel my sickness of wanting to Organize EVERY INCH of EVERYTHING!
It was a lot of fun to be with him ALONE.
We missed Jaxson oh so much...but it was refreshing...I must admit!
We talked LOTS about how life was PRE-KID!
What did we do with all of our time?
Did we really give each other ALL of our undivided attention?
Were we bored a lot?
Could we seriously accomplish 6 times as much in ONE day back then?
Where did all our freakin money go?
I came to the conclusion that JAXSON makes our life 10 times better! 20 times maybe...
BUT...time alone is the Key in being better parents, friends and companions.
I SO made the right choice. I love that 7 years later I still get that confirmation almost WEEKLY!
Love him.
It must be said that Jarom prides himself on finding the most "suggestive" card on the isle...and snagging it up for my Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Whatever! We always look forward to the card exchange...because it keeps us laughing for hours. He never disappoints....
I sure missed my little Man:) A Tad bit more than he missed me...which is just rude.
He spent hours at the park, petting zoo, Jumping Jacks Bounce House...and eating blueberry pancakes for as many meals as he requested.
Which brings me to my question: Since when did he become so Independent?!?
It is truly odd to have your baby wave goodbye without a second thought.
Be a LITTLE too busy to talk with you on the phone because of an intense game on the Wii, cry when you tell him your coming to get him, sleep throughout the night without any sense or STRESS that your not near.
I mean, what am I good for anymore????
It's depressing.
Especially because I told Jarom repeatedly for the first 2 hours after they left: "Jaxson's life gives MY LIFE purpose. I"
me and jax
We have a special and Jax. We get A LOT of one-on-one time together. He has had my undivided attention (whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is still up for debate....) for 3 years and 2 months now. We do everything together. He helps me with everything. He offers his opinion, he compliments my clothes or my makeup...or perfume, he snuggles, he tells me when I have something in my teeth, he is my best friend. When you remove him from my day...I feel lost and empty.
Then I realized...I am WAY more DEPENDANT on him than he is on me!
How did our roles reverse so drastically?!?
Oh boy...I am not ready for this.
Remember how I mentioned the book "Mom says I can"?
WELL...Jaxson loves it. We spend lots of time reading it during the week.
It is precious and I love the beautiful paintings inside. It is written especially for an adventurous and mischievous little boy...whose MOTHER encourages his every interest!
After Jarom picked him up and brought him home to me this morning....
We relaxed on the deck and read before Church. Was it not the most perfect weather today?!?
I missed my little squirt...
It was a nice reunion:):)
It's true. I am COMPLETELY DEPENDANT on him.
...and I realized that it happens at the precise moment that they become COMPLETELY INDEPENDANT of you...
Reality is a bugger sometimes.


Bryce & Brittany said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Cheesecake Factory, Cold Stone & Zupas all in one day?? That's just mean....that I wasn't there to enjoy all that yummy food with you.:) I'm glad you and Jarom had a couple days to yourself but seriously...I'm suprised you survived! Cute pics of you & Jaxson too.

Amanda said...

Happy oh so happy birthday to you! I am so lucky to have you as a friend, and Jax is super super lucky to have you as a MOM! Darling pics and overwhelming jealousy of your entire weekend! :)

Sabrina said...

So cute! Happy Birthday...sounds like you had plenty of good things to eat!