Monday, April 5, 2010


As promised...I spent last Friday having a No Work ALLOWED...Fun-Filled Day with my boy.
I even managed to document some of it:) What do ya know.
Easter Festivities coming soon!!! Instead--I am spending this week with my sister! She is here visiting and all of our eating yummy treats, facials, pedicures and roaming Target....isn't leaving much time for blogging. For some reason I don't mind!
Back to our day of fun....
We spent most of the morning getting all geared up for Easter.
Afterall, it is on our list of TOP 3 Favorite holidays:)
If you only knew how serious I am about all of this.
Holidays make life so so so much more enjoyable.
How would it be...not having anything to look forward to?!?
Awful. Just Awful!
Holidays are refreshing!
Me and my Jaxson.
First...I must say: I am doing this more often!
I really need to make doing NOTHING more of a habit.
Although it sounds made me feel so much happier and the joy in my child's eyes was worth every minute of Un-productive time!
It was A LOT more fun than you think. Eating a lot of skittles, laughing and taking pictures acting crazy. Yep--I need to RELAX and really do this more often.
Jaxson water colored his grandma's an Easter picture.
He is REALLY into water coloring lately:)
2 Easter pictures...of Spiders. The joys of having a boy!!!
We took a trip to Walmart and brought home Cards for them as well...sidewalk chalk, bubbles and lots and lots of candy. Mainly: Butterfinger eggs. We luuuuuuvvvveeee them.
Jaxson helped me fill about a 100 colored plastic eggs. I forgot that I had only one child for a moment. The bright eggs and candy made me confused! ha ha. I get sucked in...really easily.
Jaxson hoarded them. He ate mounds of chocolate.
But it was our fun I let him.
We took turns spinning each other in Jarom's office chair until we nearly puked.
I'm not sure how to put that more delicately.
It was the truth.
He could go so much longer than I could:)
He laughed and laughed.
That's what my day even better!
He has his father's sense of humor.
He uses my EXACT expressions.
I Love him.
I was excited when Jarom came home:)
I was exhausted.
Jaxson can TOTALLY in every single WAY outdo me. He has more energy than I thought humanly possible for a person his size.
He decided that burying Jarom in the couch pillows and then jumping on him unexpectedly sounded like a great way to wrap up our day. So we did it.
You should try it. A day of FUN ONLY.
Maybe you do it reguarly already!
I don't....but need to.
Easter was fabulous.
Filled with the usual: Easter Egg hunts, baskets, delicous food by my mother, the big fat ridiculously fattening Reese's Eggs:)
Conference was perfect. A lot of things I wanted/needed to hear.
LOVED the talk on Motherhood.
MOTHERHOOD: It's definitely something that takes continual work and a determination for progress. It's easy to allow yourself to get comfortable or lazy. Without admitting that I was at this point (hee hee)...I do feel that the messages at Conference and this much needed DAY with my BOY helped me set some new goals. My baby is growing up...and I enjoy so much of it...but I'm going to work to enjoy even more:)
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend.


Bryce & Brittany said...

I'm loving your FUN day! You should do it once a week. Jaxson would love it! I REALLY, REALLY wish we lived closer so I could come hang out with you and Jax when I'm bored and you could help me decorate the nursery.:) Maybe someday huh?:)

Brandy said...

SO glad you had an awesome Fun Day!! Kids are so much fun! Keep up the good work :)


Kyle and Janel said...

I loved the motherhood talk too!! I am going to have to try out a day of nothing with Kambryn! She needs some quality time and I think I do too! Looks like you and your cutie had a blast!