Thursday, April 8, 2010



Easter came and went...and I ate more food than I thought humanly possible.
I mean GOOOD Food...that I'm sure none of you have experienced before unless my mom has had you over for Dinner:) Her Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Salad beat the real deal. Hands down. I was in shock...and gained 4 pounds in 2 days:)

So did Jaxson.


It was a perfect holiday!

LAST WEEKEND was what I missed when I lived far far away. LAST WEEKEND is why I insisted on moving back...or within 30 minutes of my mom and her parties and food:)


I'll start from the beginning.

BUT first I must add: Do NOT read the book "Dear John" unless you are wwwaaaayyyy more emotionally stable than I. Also-Do not...I repeat Do not see the movie either. That is...unless you have control of yourself and your emotions. I do not. I did both of those things anyways....and I am finding it impossible to move on:):)

Back to Easter....

The Easter Bunny found us. Well...mainly Jaxson...but Jarom got a box of gummy lifesavers (disgusting) and a few T-shirts so I guess he left us each a little something:)



Jaxson was thrilled with the whole thing! Like Usual. This kid isn't hard to excite. I love that about him. Having a THREE YEAR OLD is going to make for some entertaining times! He kept screaming "THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!"


Here he is attempting to lift the 64 ounce bag of Skittles. I swear it seemed like a good idea at the time. My sister was shocked in horror that I would buy that for my child. She kept asking..."Why?"..."Won't his stomach hurt?"..."But he'll get sick!


My Plan: Obviously not let him eat the whole bag in one day (not even possible)...but use them to my advantage. It's amazing how well behaved a 3 year old becomes when the pantry holds not just a couple...but approx. 10,000 of his favorite little treats!
Bribery is my best friend. Plus I love to see him happy.
If he gets excited at the Walmart Checkout for a dinky little bag of skittles....IMAGINE his reaction to this one:)


The bunny left some springish attire...shorts, flip flops and a new HAT.
If Jarom wears a hat...Jaxson has to wear a hat.

It has been that way since Jaxson was 9 months old. Did you know that "HAT" was his very first word?!? HAT HAT HAT. I was pissed. I mean...fine with it. Sorta:)

I kept saying...."SAY Ma-Ma!"

Jaxson would giggle and say as clear as day: HAT HAT...pointing to his head.
(do you remember that Brittany?)

It's amazing that the kid didn't come out wearing a baseball cap!!!

He wants to BE his Father.

He wants to look like him, wear the same things, hit, throw, catch like him.

I think it's quite darling.

Someday I'll have a little "copycat"...but for melts my heart that he adores his daddy so much.


I need an intervention with Melissa & Doug toys. It's bad. Really bad lately. I love love love them. They are bright, chunky and ALL of them are such great learning/teaching tools.

Jaxson got the Bag of Snakes, Bag of Bugs and Bag of Lizards.

So so so so darling. He is in Love.

Plus--now he can use the bug catcher he got for his birthday...because this little boy refuses to go within a 10 mile radius of a bug unless it's plastic...and a fun color. I am proud to have taught him that.





The Easter Bunny hid approx. 60 candy-filled eggs around the he went for a little hunt in the morning. This was my favorite picture. I love him on his little tip-toes!

He put in some good effort trying to reach it...



From this point on the Candy Consumption was out of control.

This picture documents his:

First Treat of the day: Blue Peeps!

(the amount of candy that he consumed was disgusting. But...I let him)
Being a mom is fun.


This picture and the absolute happiness it brings me is for an entirely different post.

ALL things that I've said before...and that you feel about your own children!

His little sass, hilarious comments about everything, silly deep voice when he's excited...I just want to kiss the crap out of him. ....and I did....right after I took it:)

(Please note the perma-chocolate ring around his lips)


Oh boy. Who's child is scared of the movie "Bolt"???

Most of the little children I know are a bit nervous of the mean guy on Bolt (Name: Dr. Calico). My son, on the other hand, is obsessed with him. He can mimick his facial expressions and actions...(to my horror)...PERFECTLY.

That pretty much sums up my Jaxson: Fearless.

He's crazy. Me and Jarom say that about 100 times a day.

DR. CALICO Face. His favorite.


After our morning traditions as a family...we headed to Brigham City for the weekend. We had a delicious BBQ on Saturday afternoon and COLORED EGGS with all of Jaxson's Aunt's and Uncles. (He is the only child...on both sides. Not One Single Cousin!)







I have a our eggs were of course...


This whole boy thing is still opening up a world I never knew existed.

Instead of using the special white crayon to draw polka dots and flowers...we were putting 3-eyed stickers and hot gluing crazy hair. Girls just would never think to do these things...



We spent Saturday evening Shopping and taking Jaxson to the Park.

SUNDAY morning we had the ADULT EGG HUNT in which I was slacking in order to take pictures of my Jaxson! It was great...because the eggs had money and Gift Cards to Target, Cold Stone, Applebee's, Subway....OH how I wish I would have known to just Lay off on the CAMERA!

We scored though...because my team is the biggest.... Me, Jarom and Jaxson each found some good eggs:) WAHOO.

My mom then gave us each a big basket full of goods...just like when we were little...only NOW she has to do double (for our spouses:)

My parents were too kind.

We had a beatiful Easter Dinner as a family, Enjoyed Conference and let Jaxson entertain us.

I hated to see it end:)


Me and my Jaxson

Easter 2010

me and jax

Picture Jarom about 20 feet behind us...face down on the carpet...Snoring!)

Poor Guy. He works so hard during the week...he couldn't keep up with our million traditions and crazy festivities!


Hope everyone had a Wonderful and Relaxing Easter Weekend.

Now let's pray that Spring will COME and STAY:)

Love, Me


Bryce & Brittany said...

First of all, I LOVE the picture of Jaxson's major wedgie while trying to reach the orange egg on the mantel. Hilarious!! I love all your pictures too! I LOVE your camera and/or your photography skills cause those pictures are awesome! Looks like Jaxson had an awesome Easter! I can't wait to have Easter with my little boy next year. And yes.....I do remember Jaxson saying "hat"...."hat"...."hat" all the time.:) So cute!

Lauren & Brandon said...

So, it may appear as though I look at your blog just about every day, and that's because...well, I do. All I have to do on my downtime at work is to look at blogs and I worry when people have the "followers" list on their blog because they're probably like, wow, this girl has no life. Ha ha so I just wanted to let you know why I'm always on your followers list, as I am on probably every body else's too. I'm not a loser stalker girl, promise! Only kinda... :)

allegra said...

wow, the easter bunny sure knows how to hit your house!:) quite the stash of goodies there. looks like you guys had a fabulous easter, if i don't say so myself.... i love the pic of him with his blue peeps. that kid pulls some pretty darn cute facial expressions!

heddomarie said...

Looks like a wonderful easter! Is your mom willing to share that sweet pork recipe? YUM!

Sabrina said...

That picture of him on his tippy-toes IS darling!

And your eggs are so beautifully colored! Ours ended up all purple!

Happy Easter!

Stephanie said...

OH he is so cute! You are such a great Mom! I love the eggs, we did the same ones and they were so fun to put together! I love your blog and all of your fun posts! :)