Friday, April 16, 2010

Hometown Values...

This week...I have an obsession with the magazine: Hometown Values:)
I usually have an unhealthy obsession with hitting a sale or finding a great deal...but this magazine is my curse. If I find a coupon for feels like a horrific crime to let it waste or expire...or heaven forbid...ask myself what Jarom always tells me to ask myself
OH --- Paaahhlease. That one sentence sucks 99.9% of fun out of all moments:)
I refuse.
When I lived in Brigham last summer I remember calling this magazine and requesting that they add me to their list. They wouldn't. WHAT IN THE?!?!
They said I had to live in Layton or a few other very specific places in order to receive one:)
Again....What in the......?!?!
I'll have you know...I moved here for that very reason!
(one of the million reasons...but was on the list:)
I have spent hours pouring over it this week...convincing myself that I better take advantage of some of these deals. The Taipan coupons, Rod works, Trips to the Spa!!! ....I even made Jarom a Dental Appointment for 19.00 and they'll throw in a free set of custom Bleach Trays:) happy can one girl get?!? I am freaking out here....
Today I am considering passes to Cherry Hill. The ad on the cover this time around has really sucked me in:) I want to float in a big yellow tube in a pool..getting tan for the majority of my summer!
I have fond memories of this place growing up! My family loved it...and I vaguely remember going with a friend, her family and a camping trailer and parking there for the better part of a week. We burned til we peeled 5 layers deep and threw up for hourse...and it was still worth fun:) I think Jaxson would have a blast....and the odds of me knowing anybody are slim to my fat cheesy ridiculously large thighs and butt will not be seen, judged, compared to or talked about:) Unless it's behind my back...and in that case I won't know about it or care.
Spa Pedicure + European Facial + Stone Therapy Massage = ME for 4 hours ON SATURDAY MORNING:)
I am totally in love and indebted to you Hometown Values Magazine.
Jarom wishes you'd take me off your list...but that's what he get's for commiting to making my permenant home: Layton. I am in close proximity to MOST of my favorite things:)
YAY. It's the Weekend.
...and I kicked it off right! I just scored at Old Navy...because my friend Channa got there early enough to receive 50% off everything! You bet that I tagged along for that deal...
Thanks Channa:)
Happy Friday.


B&B Goldsberry said...

:) You make me laugh! Me and Cara scored the 50% at Old Navy this morning too! WE were at the Riverdale one or we would have seen you! I don't think you want to even know the total between the two of us! WE broke the computer.. we had so many items..IT FROZE the computer and they had to ring it up in two separate transactions! LOL!!
WE got some good deals, but we might be getting divorces! :) j/k! Some of it will be going back!

Amanda said...

Oh Kristin you HAVE to get cherry hill passes and come with us! We lounge around all summer floating and...well let's be honest...never really getting tan with our 50 spf sunscreen cuz I have a fear of being wrinkled one day! Nonetheless we have so much fun and Judd would be so happy to hang with Jax! DO IT DO IT!