Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was hopeful that my Jaxson would be like his Father in the Personality Category.
I knew that I had chosen right when I snagged that man up! Jarom is so relaxed...laid stress...easy going...anti-center of attention...quiet...and overall THE COOLEST PERSON I KNOW:):) ha ha.
Jaxson is some of those things...and at the very same moment...the polar opposite!
This child I tell ya...he is full of PERSONALITY
We always joke by asking eachother "WHERE ON EARTH DID HE COME FROM?"
...a little bit about Jaxson John Bishop...
He is LOUD LOUD LOUD...loves attention...very particular...CLEAN...ORGANIZED...hilarious...SASSY...and came with the most tender heart and sweetest spirit. He is so concerned about people...and feelings...and is very good at communicating! (come to think of it...he could teach his dad a few things in that department). He will eat 1 cheeto...wipe his hands with a wet another cheeto...wet wipe...and so on.
He is very inquisitive, asks a million questions a day, forgets NOTHING, has an extensive vocabulary for 3 years old....his most complimented trait at the moment! He LOVES nursery and will NOT allow us to miss church. He is very loving, cuddly, kissy and snuggly. I LUUUVVEEE that. Total boy: loves any sport, cars, motorcycles, trucks, anything dangerous. Hates bugs and FREAKS at the thought of using a public bathroom...becuase they STINK.
CASE IN POINT: In this picture he is pretending to Fall off of a cliff. Just to get laughs.
Can you see Jarom doing this? Nope. Never.
Oh...and did I mention that he is in love with his dad?
Do you find that your child is itching for their FATHER to come home from work...after you've waited on them hand and foot, fed them, bathed them, filled sippies, wiped butts and played with plastic lizards all day long!?!? Don't happens to me too.
The child is GLUED to his dad from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. everynight.
This pictures cracks me up! Jaxson literally does not leave him alone. He crawls all over him...holds his face in his hands...forces him to obey his every command.
Jarom endures it well.
I couldn't be more lucky! I am in love. I am smitten. I am totally and undeniably sucked in by his obnoxiousness, big eyes, smirky smile, occasional tantrum, his pout face, his negotiating skills....ALL OF IT.
I know you feel the same about yours too! YOU SHOULD.
Isn't it the best thing be a Mother!!!
It is amazing to look at your child MID-TANTRUM in a Public Place and STILL find something so adorable about their face...something so precious about them. They are yours. I think it's BUILT-IN...that unconditional love you feel....even when everyone else within a 10 mile radius wants to see them be beaten and cringes at the sound of their scream:)
We had a perfect weekend. Maybe it was the weather?!? A wonderful 70 degrees ALWAYS makes you happy, ya know! My Saturday was spent at the Spa. Words cannot describe:) Jarom attended the big Weigh-in for the BIGGEST LOSER competition he was in...and WON!!! Wahoo for spending money:) Or bill paying! We spent a relaxing evening on the Deck...having a barbeque and topped off the night with a run to Cold Stone. My guilty pleasure.
I devoured the biggest one you could buy. Jarom had a 100 calorie smoothie made mostly of lemon juice. Blah! Whatever. His motivation needs to rub off on me:)
Today brough Church, nice jog at the park, baseball with Jaxson...Sunday afternoon drive and chocolate revel bars. MMMMMM. We've spent a lot of time on the Deck the last few days. The weather is perfect and relaxing and I LOVE opening up the french doors and feeling the breeze.
This little guy LOVES it out there.
Jaxson enjoying a blue lollipop on the Deck...
I have one hectic week.
I can do it I can do it I can do it.
Friday brings a much needed bring on the week:)
I can't wait to have Jarom to myself for 10 straight days.
I love you vacation.
Happy Monday


jen said...

That just made me happy to read all that. Thanks. :)

Sabrina said...

It IS wonderful being a mom! So fun to hear about his sounds like Jaxson is super-cute around his daddy!