Friday, March 19, 2010

Skating Lesson...

Jaxson is sometimes PUSHED-FORCED-BRIBED-COERCED-AND BEGGED to do things I want done. This was one of them. ICE-SKATING LESSONS. He was truly excited about the idea....but ME---I was insistent and ecstatic about it!
It was the most adorable thing. EVER.
Love the teeny tiny little skates.
Loved that the teacher had to coerce Jaxson into standing up.
Love that I was one of the FEW absurd parents that made her child wear a Hockey Helmet.
( do you really blame me? It was supposed to be fun...not end in a concussion)
"Jaxson in skates" I thought to myself and I was bound to make him love it, participate and smile like he was having the time of his life:)
...I forced his father to get a pair of skates, get his butt out there, and find out if my baby was doing ok.! Oh yah...did I mention he was in his Suit and Tie! Right after a day of court:) I should win "WIFE OF THE YEAR". Or on second thought...HE should win "HUSBAND OF THE YEAR"...since I'm confident that most husbands would have said to take a flying leap:) Or worse.
Jaxson decided that it was quite ENJOYABLE.
I flagged down a cute teenage instructor with surfer hair and told him to take care of my child and not let an effort to let my husband off the hook! I really said that to him. I looked right at him...and said "DO NOT LET GO OF HIM!" I also may have said something about bringing him close to the plexiglass occasionally so I could snap photos of the whole ordeal.
I can't remember......
This is my favorite picture of the night.
"Hanging on for dear life".
He looked so tiny compared to the rest of them!
I guess it's always better to start them young:)
All pictures were taken through they aren't great. At all.
But...I couldn't resist this one!
He did sooooo good for being so tiny.
I was so proud of him.
He didn't cry or freak out...he just smiled and whizzed around the ice!
The skates were precious.
Anything is cute in small sizes I've decided!!!
Kind of like buying jeans....I think "I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE...THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE!" Then I search through the stack to find my size.
Instantly not so cute anymore.
Strange how that happens.
It was a fun evening.
I enjoy letting him experience new things!
My hope is that he can be well-rounded and do whatever it is that he loves.
Regardless of what that is...I'm pretty sure I will be here smiling and documenting it with
14 too many photos. That's what Mothers are for.
A special Thank-You to Jarom for putting up with my ridiculous (and I totally admit it and know it) demands...and only rolling his eyes in return. He could say quite a bit I'm sure...but he usually just mutters something about "RELAXING" and then does what I ask:)
small price to pay indeed. ha ha.
ohhhhh.......I love him.
It. Is. Friday.
I. Love. OnDemand.
I. Made. Cakeballs.Today.


Ktbug said...

Well stop torturing all of us and post the recipe already! For heavens sakes I'm drooling.

Sabrina said...

ha ha, you have the BEST husband ever! That is funny seeing him out there in his tie and everything!

And I LOVE that picture of Jaxson "holding on for dear life"

You're awesome Kristin!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh gosh....those skates are super cute!! Jaxson looked so terrified/intrigued to be out there on the ice. I love the picture of him looking up at you through the plexiglass with that grin on his face. Priceless!