Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rain Boots.

JAXSON LOVES his blue Rainboots.
I sometimes let him wear them the entire day long.
To the gas station to get his daily bag of skittles and bug juice.
To the Grocery Store.
To the Mall.
...ON all of our errands...
You would think people hadn't seen rain boots before.
We get giggles. We get stares.
We get every single senior citizen in Davis County approaching us
wanting to squeeze his cheeks:)
The Subway girl who usually makes my sandwhich asked if she could take him home.
I'm not sure what it is about these blue rainboots....
They bring out a little sweetness in him.
Along with a LOT of sassiness.
They make him kinda bossy....
and downright hilarious.
He thinks he's invincible and hikes the giant dirt hill in our backyard.
Jumps in 2 feet of pure mud.
He throws rocks (at my windows:) and acts like a maniac!
They come in handy right now...having dirt for a yard:)
He likes the little orange handles on the sides as well.
I do to.
...because he can put them on himself for once...
The other day he insisted on wearing them to the park.
I gave in...although I didn't thing they would help scale the rock wall like usual.
Don't you hate how it's trying soooo hard to be warm....but just isn't?!?
The sunshine is deceiving because the wind makes you want to cry.
We played in the garage instead.
He was less than happy about the arrangement.
He makes things more fun around here.
I'd say he looks exactly 100 percent like his father.
However-I have had 4-5 people tell me this week that he is my clone?!?
What do you think?
Wherever he came from....We'll keep him.
He keeps me from total boredom.
He makes me laugh so hard my stomach muscles hurt the next day:)
He is my angel.
Warm Weather please come and STAY...we can't stand playing in the garage any longer.
Thank you.


Sabrina said...

Just like his daddy!

LOVE those boots!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I think he looks more like Jarom but he definitely has some of his mommy in him too.:) I love the blue rainboots too! It doesn't surprise me that the old ladies want to pinch his cheeks! I want to too!:)

The Wells Family said...

rainboots are a MUST for little boys! hands down the best $40 i ever spent for bobby. he wears them EVERYWHERE and calls them his dirty job boots. i even broke down and bought a pair myself. :)

Allyson said...

HA HA HA. So cute! I'm with you on the weather. It makes such a huge difference!!

Thank you for your sweet and understanding words--I appreciate them more than you know.:)

Tara and Andrew said...

He totally has your eyes Kristin. What a cute little stink. My favorite memory of you will stick with me until I'm dead I think. When we were doing military and you would flip your head towards me and your lips would flap in the wind! Hilarious!:) Love you and wish we lived closer. Our boys would have fun and you could teach my son in pre-school and I could teach your son in TaVaci!