Friday, March 26, 2010

its snowing...

Sunday afternoon was beautiful.
I snapped a few pictures of my little squirt all bright and yellow.
He wasn't cooperative. Looks totally goofy. But that's why I love them.
Yellow has always been my FAVORITE color.
It makes me happy. Reminds me of: Spring, Easter, Warm Weather....
All of which I am patiently waiting for to arrive!
Is there a better holiday than Easter?!??.....No way.
I dug through the basement and found our Easter Baskets today.
Jaxson found the stash of basket stuffers all ready and opened some of them.
Little turd.
Jaxson's 3 year old pictures are over-due....and it's on my is..... maybe Next Week:)
I need to scrapbook. Next Week!
I need to do A LOT of things...but priority number 1 has become my talk in sacrament meeting!
aaagghhhh. It is our turn. Sunday after church will feel so good:)
We're off to B.C. for Jarom's Alumni Basketball Tournament this weekend.
Just how I wanted to spend it. Oh wait.....


Tyler said...

We are going to go watch Greg-- Maybe we will see you there! Jaxson looks super cute in his little church outfit :)

Tyler said...

P.S. this is Ginger.

Tara and Andrew said...

You could do what somebody up in Washington did on Craig's list. Asked if someone could write a sacrament talk for him and his wife for $40. ha ha! I just about died. So funny! So...if you really don't want to write it, post it on Craig's list!

Amy! said...

How funny, we are speaking in Sacrament tomorrow too!!! Sunday after church WILL feel SOOOO good :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Good luck with your talks on Sunday! Don't you just love it when it's your turn to talk in sacrament??:) Jaxson looks like a stud of coarse in his sweater vest.:) Gotta love sweater vests....I do!