Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I thought that I hated this Holiday.
Ok- HATE is a strong word.....but it definitely didn't make my list of favs that's for sure.
Leprachan's scare the crap out of me.
When I was 17 I flew to California with my dad and attended a business dinner in which he was selling bullet Proof Cars to 2 prestigious L.A. attorneys. One was a 4 foot tall, red haired, Leprachan...I swear it. ( you remember that?) She was Irish...had the accent...said all the terms that are frequently heard on a Lucky Charms Cereal Commercial and everything. I am for real. She drove a little red convertible beemer which made her kind of cute. Her multi-million dollar home was COVERED in shamrocks and pictures of Leprachans and big beer mugs foaming over!
I have met a real life Leprachan.
SO there.
She was charming and sweet.
She didn't have children...and I was 17 years old...but she insisted on taking me to Universal Studios and amusement parks for an entire day. I still laugh thinking about it.
She was a little firecracker I tell ya.
Anyhow...I decided to give the holiday a try!
I hung out with my INFECTIOUS little bugger---Jaxson. all. day. long.
take a closer look....
He is the funniest thing on earth right now!
Yesterday I had this conversation with my mom:
Me: I know this is wierd to say...but I don't care. My child is INFECTIOUS!
Mom: Laugh. (probably are right shouldn't say that to people)
Me: It's ok though...because I am saying it to you...and you agree, right?
Mom: listens and laughs.
Me: I mean....he has the sweetest heart and cares sooo much about making me happy. He rarely has to be asked more than once...and never more than twice...he apologizes for EVERYTHING that he does...without being told. He shares his toys at the playground...even when dirty snotty little brats steal his shovel and bucket. Sigh. He is the best thing ever. Plus...he is super fun to hang out with. Like right now...I miss him. Shouldn't you be able to leave your child for 2 hours to attend the TEMPLE and view it as a BREAK instead of missing them like crazy?!?!
We Spent St. Patricks Day evening at the Bountiful Temple.
My mom, dad, brother Stephen, Sister Kayla and husband, Me and my BFF Jarom:)
It was a wonderful evening. Really Special.
We ended it with Shrimp and steak:)
The DAY was spent paying a visit to my friend Mindy's baby boutique in Kaysville...CUDDLE HAVEN. You should go. I want it all. We spent hours at the Park, and Making Mint Brownies...(I told you I couldn't even go another week without making more...oh my freaking goodness. They are goooood) and enjoying the 65 degree perfect weather.
I think it's the age...but life doesn't get better for him than when he is helping me cook.
I'm not sure where his personality comes from.
I mean...let's take a look at his Father...Jarom. Those who know him recognize that he is the most relaxed, laid back, shy, Chill guy on the planet. Then there is Me...I am the opposite of those things listed above...but somehow that doesn't work for me in the way it does for our little offspring!!! People are drawn to him. I rarely go to the park or store without him making 5 adult friends. He has more than I do. He can carry on full conversations and he is quite the little know-it-all. That is what I mean by Infectious. His personality is bigger than his little body...and sometimes I stare and wonder what he's going to be like as an adult. One thing is for sure...he is the best thing I've ever done....and he's changing be daily:)
I guess the MEAN GUY on "BOLT" makes this face. He cracked himself up for this one. I told him to smile....he did that...and then scream I AM SO SORRY MOM...I DIDN'T LISTEN!
I hate pictures of myself. Who knew 10 pounds could make even your nose and eyes look ginormously chubby. BUT....enough about me. I am nowhere to be found in pictures these days...and just because I haven't spent time on SELF-IMPROVEMENT as of late...doesn't mean I am absent from these fun-filled memories with my son! So...trying my best to hold my ridiculously heavy camera with one hand to take self portraits....we had 15 minutes of fun this afternoon!
Wearing our Green of course!
(he was rather hard to spot on the playground...I must say.)
We were onle 2 amongst the other 300 children wearing green at the Layton Park yesterday:)
On a sidenote: We have spent a lot of time Watercoloring this last week. Jaxson loves it...and so do I. I have his pictures displayed on a magnet board and they are darling.
Not that messy....Different...and anything involving water is fun for kids!
For all those wanting to see pictures of my finalized book....wahlah!
I snapped these horrible pictures really quickly:)
You can choose between 12 different colors for the leather binding.
I chose Black...because I am boring...and classic...and not brave.
I think you should get "green apple".
book is so thin! This is wondeful in every single way...because one single shelf can house the scrapbooks of my entire life! That is great because Jaxson's 3 baby books that document his Birth-6 month mark take up an entire closet.
Such a waste of space!
The pages are beautiful! Even more so in the book than on my computer. The colors are vibrant and bright...the pages thick and great quality. Are you convinced should make one!
(Picture of Layout in book)
Now I can check UPDATE BLOG off of my list for the day. YES.
I have a date with Jaxson at the Park...again. I am loving living this close to the HUGE Layton Park and fields. 4 baseball fields, 2-3 soccer fields, 2 playgrounds, paved 1 mile walking trail around it. I could live there....and do.
My brother Stephen is coming over to love on Jaxson today and we are having a BBQ.
I am excited!
Jaxson has an ice-skating lesson tonight at 5:00!
Pictures will be coming.
I am just dying picturing him on ice-skates.
Part of me knows he will love it more than I want him to:)
Who knows...maybe he has a future in Ice-Hockey.
We will see.
Enjoy your Thursday!!!


Bryce & Brittany said...

Looks like you and Jaxson had a MUCH funner St.Patrick's Day than I did.:) I even forgot to wear green. What?? I really, really hope you two will come to Blanding with me for the baby shower. I'm SUPER excited to hang out with both of you!! And when I pick you up we might just have to stop at that cute baby botique so I can check everything out. Bryce is excited about the camo blanket! OH I love, love, love the scrapbook!! It turned out sooooo cute! I want to see it in person next time I'm at your house. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of Jaxson ice skating. Fun stuff!

heddomarie said...

Oh that book is awesome!! that's 100 pages? I agree the fact that it's so thin.. PERFECT! I really can't wait to print one of my own.. but waiting for the sale! If you are a member do they email you when they have sales?

Sabrina said...

You lucky Momma! Loved that conversation with your mom!

And your book is beautiful!!