Saturday, March 6, 2010


First---can I say that I am exhausted!!!
There is a reason Birthdays (and parties to celebrate them) only come but once a year.
Jarom is currently passed out on the family room floor...amongst tissue paper and gift bags:)
I'm thinking next year we'll order a few little ceasars pizza's...and I'll throw candy over the railing of my garage and let it sprinkle down upon their little heads. It's amazing what makes kids happy! Jaxson laughed harder about the pinata exploding than he has in a year:)
I have such wonderful friends! I have such wonderful friends! It is true. Days like today remind me how blessed I am. I looked around and was soooo grateful for all the support and loving people who spent their Saturday with us. My good friend Nancy from High School Drill Team...who drove way too far:) sweet, helpful and ALWAYS supportive other half:) Marcie and Pam...the ones who love to listen to me vent and like me anyways! ALL my new wonderful neighbors like Dori...who borrows me anything! Mindy my new walking partner...Brittany and Trey (Jaxson's little twin...they have so much in common)....MY wonderful sister for painting tatoos all afternoon! My family...Jarom's sister and cousin Karen who never misses a thing I do! I love you all.
Everyone was WAY too generous...and I have one ecstatic little boy. I thought it was sooo adorable how all the children picked out the present themselves! Jaxson loves them all more than ANTYHING I've ever given him:)
I guess 3 years olds are all alike:)
My little Pirate had the best day of his life.
He was completely soaked with sweat by the time the last little friend left!
WAAYYYY too much fun I tell you.
He has been wearing an eye patch around the house for a month now.
He was a little bit overhwelmed that today had finally come...and he could KEEP IT.
I love it.
I opted for NOT spending hours and hours constructing a treasure chest cake.
I could give you the link to the awesome one that I dreamt about making...but was too lazy!
Sam's Club makes some delicous chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting if you were wondering:) So worth 30 bucks!
(if I'm tired by b-day other children are in serious trouble)
I have stockpiled quite the stash of gooey eyeballs, spiders, gold coins, compasses and pirate gear over the past 6 months:) It pays off to think of the theme in advance! I hoarded the after halloween sales and found perfect "little boy" items.
Practicing his Pirate Face:)
He has been talking about this party for weeks!
Jarom built him this gigantic Ship...and he is in love with it:)
I was amazed at how great it turned out.
Good job Dad!
We used it for a little fishing game while everyone arrived.
The kids fished out a pirate coloring page, crayons and treats with a fishing pole!
THEN...all children visited our:
Pirate Tatoo Parlor!
My sister Kayla was kind enough to give all the children a Pirate tatoo. They seemed to like it!
Jaxson sported a Skull and Crossbones and was pretty proud of it:)
Then it was....
The Little Pirates had:
hot dogs, cheetos, Jello cup, Goldfish/swedish fish, veggies and dip and a Capri Sun.
The Pirate's Mothers had: all sorts of gold treasures. Chocolate:)
White Chocolate Popcorn Skeleton hands!
This was my favorite part!
I wrote a little treasure hunt for the kids and they thought it was great fun:)
Jaxson knew the answer to ALL of the clues...and he led his friends from spot to spot around the house.
They found the Treasure!
All the gear to dress up as Pirates!
Headbands, Swords, Eye patches, Earrings and a spider sucker:)
Pirate Ship Pinata!
I think the kids loved attacking it with a bat and they enjoyed filling their bags with candy....that's for sure:)
We then enjoyed cake and ice-cream!
The cup cake tower:)
Jaxson was spoiled.
Again...THANK YOU to all our generous friends.
I am in love with all of his toys:) SO is he.
He got a Music set, Lightening Mcqueen remote control, Jeep and motorcycle, kite, dart gun, Thomas the train set, zu zu pet, balls, Beach Ball Sprinkler, Bug catching kit, Nerf Football....OH...I'm sure I've missed some!
It was crazy. He got sooo many fun things and didn't stop playing for 5 hours straight.
20 minutes ago he passed out on the family room floor:)
I didn't get too many pictures...
because I underestimated my ability to be 100 people at once!
It was definitely busy and chaotic...but just how I wanted it!
Jaxson helped me put together little treasure boxes for a Thank You to his friends!
We filled it with pirate stickers, eye balls, coins, dollar bills, spiders and a compass:)
It was a success!
My baby "officiall" turns 3 tomorrow afternoon at 1:42 p.m.
I will "officially" LET GO tomorrow and you will no longer read about my inability to cope with him not being a baby anymore:) Instead my new goal for this year of his life is to EMBRACE his growth. Embrace the fun stages and the new things he learns! I'm not sure this will last longer than a month...but take note of my effort. He will start preschool this year. He will probably gain another 10 pounds at our rate...and grow another 2 inches taller.
Tomorrow he'll go from my "baby" to my "best friend".
I'm going to do it. I'm going to let go.
Tomorrow we'll continue the celebrations with a family party!
Our families are coming over to smother him. NOT that he needs one more thing til Christmas.
I'm giving him a guitar, four wheeler remote control, puzzles, soccer ball, CLOTHES:)...all of which I stole from his Christmas pile! Yesterday I went through it again and stole a 10 things for his Easter Basket:) hee hee. Now that's how it's done!
His grandma's are giving him a Tony Hawk Bike, a Demarini bat (supposedly...according to Jarom...these are pretty special...I'm thinking of re-wrapping it for Jarom's Birthday because he is so excited) a new glove, monster trucks and other nick knacks. Did I just say nick knacks??? ha ha ha.
Next year...I'm thinking we'll give him a Sibling.
I truly think he'd like that more than anything else.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Your mama and daddy love you to death.


Casey and Britt said...

That was such a fun party, Trey absolutely loved it, thanks for inviting us! The decorations were adorable and everything perfect!

Sabrina said...

You did such a great job on the party Kristin! It looks like it was really a blast for the kids...and the adults!

I think that's great that you're going to EMBRACE his growth from now on, and how cool that he'll have a sibling next year!!

(Thanks for the invite, sorry we couldn't make it. We had a full day at the temple and then a baby shower)

The Christensens said...

WOW you are such a good mom!!!! What a cute party!!! My Braxton wants to have a pirate birthday party this summer for his birthday we might just have to steal some of your ideas!!! So fuN !!!!

Maranda said...

So cute Kristin. You've outdone yourself once again! Jaxson will have such fun memories to look back on. So have you thought about a theme for next year yet, or are you just trying to recover from this one? I cannot believe he's already three!

Simkins said...

Kristin, Thanks again for inviting us! Owen and I had such a fun time!

Mauressa said...

It turned out so great! I'm sure the kids just loved it!

Pam said...

Thank you so much for inviting us! I could tell you worked so hard and it all looked very nice. Sadie wanted to wear her pirate stuff to church today:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

OMG how cute!!! I CANNOT believe I wasn't there for all the pirate fun! Everything looks so cute and Jaxson looks like he's on cloud nine! I love it all! I'm goint to be tracking the times you continue to call Jaxson your baby because I'm nont quite sure that you'll be able to stop.:)

Jamie said...

CUTE CUTE party! Happy #3 Jaxson!