Wednesday, March 3, 2010

...3 is coming...

My baby turns three years old on Sunday. Is it ok that I still call him that? My baby!?!?
I think so...especially because HE corrects me if I don't...and today he very clearly stated that when I get born I will be HIS baby. I don't know where he comes up with this. I swear it.
In my usual fashion...we had his check-up 2 months early. Why do I have such issues. Why?!?
I guess I've been over-anticipating this event in my life. I officially have a preschool age child...2 years old sound so much younger than 3. He doesn't need me...and only ocassionally wants to get mauled.
I will survive this. I will.
The doctor was quite impressed with his growth. I mean...he wasn't going to tell me that my child has the hugest head ever and was verging "FATTY" to my overall I'd say things went well:):)
Jaxson's Stats at 3:
Weight: 37 lbs 10 oz. (I still carry him places people...why am I not skinny or buff)
Height: 39 3/4 inches
Head Circumference: 57.9 cm
95th% in every category!
I have one big little boy.
This is precisely why he can take any and all 4 year olds with ease.
The doctor asked me what I feed him.
Jaxson quickly responded (before I had the chance) Bug Juice and Chocolate milk!
We had a little talk about how Chocolate milk isn't a food group.
I don't remember much of it....becuase in my should be:)
He is truly growing up.
He tells me this daily. We have developed a little game with it actually. Ya know when you find something that will just tickle them all the way to their toes?!? Or they gut laugh so stinking hard that you can't help but do it again and again just to relish in their reaction!!!
This is how it goes.
Jaxson: "MAMA...I am sorry...but I am growing up. The doctor said so".
Me: NOOOOOOOO. (fake bawling, possibly throw myself on the floor, cover my eyes and cry really loudly and scream NO NO NO over and as dramatic of a way as I can manage at the moment:)
Jaxson: laughing hysterically out of control "Ok mama ok mama...I won't grown up!....I am so sorry!"
I am not sure why he loves it so much...but man he does.
He does this 100 times a day.
If I am busy and don't realize what kind of reaction that he wants...
I say " sure are! you are getting so big!"
ooooo....He get's soooo upset and says
Poor child. He will have withdrawals when another one comes.
Like me when my mom brought home my little brother. I watch the home video and die as I am running back and forth in front of the camera screaming "WATCH ME WATCH ME!" while I'm doing handstands and front walkovers til they all want to kill me. Can you say " NEEDED SOME ATTENTION". I wasn't used to this "Sharing" the limelight gig I guess you could say.
Jaxson will have his day. Hopefully sooner than later.
It will be good for him. It is necessary.
It will be as hard for me to let it will be for him:)
I've got 2 days full of fun planned to celebrate the little man and the day he made us a family.
It was a great time in my life.
I wish I could go back and do it again and again.
Bringing home your firstborn is like nothing else.
He changed me.
March 7th is as much a celebration for me and my love of it is for him:)
Hands of the best days of my life.
Happy Almost Birthday my little Tank.
I love you....your gigantic head and all.


Erin said...

Maybe I should start feeding my kids chocolate milk and bug juice to get some weight on skinny legs. Claire is a month younger than Jaxson and weighs 30 pounds! Caleb is turning 5 in May and weighs 34 pounds!! My kids have always been less than 5% for their weight. Your little guy is such a cute little kid. I love the thick solid kids but am so grateful I get to carry around the lightweights all day. Happy Birthday to Jaxson this coming week.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Well, I may be a little biast(sp?) since I was practically there when the little guy was born and love him like a nephew but I will have to say that he is one of the cutest "tanks" I've ever seen!:) Happy almost birthday Jaxson!