Sunday, February 28, 2010

It feels like spring...

It didn't come one day too soon.
Spring that is.
We are so ready to get outdoors and enjoy some warm weather.
My friend Mandi lives in Vegas. She has been at the park in 70 degree weather for 6 weeks now...while I've been waking up to snow storms. I have been green with jealousy for months!
The last few days have been filled with Sunshine. Still colder than crap...but sunny enough get outside and enjoy some fresh air.
Jaxson has grown quite used to watching 3-4 disney movies per day and is quite the good sport about it. However, get him outside for 2 seconds and you quickly see how he LIVES for playing in the mud, riding bikes or zooming down the street on his four wheeler.
He's a daredevil. I need to make him wear his helmet.
He loves to stand and ride and the same time.
Are you serious?!?
This child makes me nuts. I'm surprised he's never been hurt:)
He told me it was out of gas.
He tries so hard to mimick his father's every move.
He checked the oil and pretended to tighten a few bolts....then back to riding.
I am excited for Spring.
I am even more excited for Summer!
We are taking Jaxson to St. George, Vegas and Disneyland for a SUNNY vacation here in a few weeks and I am extremely excited! He has been talking about meeting Mickey in person for days now. It is going to be the highlight of my life..I swear it! He is at such a fun and animated age. Everything is a Super Big deal...and his expressions are priceless. I will take a million pictures...I can promise you that.
If I survive this week it will be a miracle.
Jarom's sister gets home from a baby turns 3 years old and we are having 2 parties to celebrate the occasion...I am in charge of Decorating the Relief Society Birthday Party activity...SOOOOO much preschool stuff to prepare....and a million other appts: Oh like 2 cavities at the dentist:(:( poor me.
Oddly enough....if this weather keeps up...and the sun keeps shining...It will be so much easier to get it all accomplished! I loved having a baby in the Spring...and think I would prefer that every single time! Jaxson's Birthday is always so fun and a refreshing break from the horrible winter!
Party Plans are finished...and his PIRATE PARTY is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.
He is super super super excited.
Tons of little ones will be having lunch, treasure hunts, fishing, pirate tatoos and pinata fun!
I can't wait to show you the insane Life Size Pirate Ship Jarom built him for the ocassion.
Happy Monday
Oh---and the blog got a much needed Springish Re-do.


Jessica Kettle said...

oh, i sooo agree! i can not WAIT for warm weather to be permanent. and i am so excited to see his party! i am sure it will be insanely cute. =)

oh, and he will just die over disneyland. this is such a great age for a trip! every time max watches a disney movie and the castle shows at the beginning, he yells "DISNEY LAAAAAAAANNNND!" hahaha!

Kelley said...

Such good pictures, he looks so grown up! We are going to Disneyland in a few weeks too...the 14th! I can't wait!

ps. I am so proud of you...your links look GREAT!!!

Bryce & Brittany said...

It has been pretty warm in Lovelock the last couple days and I love it!! I can't wait to see pics of Jaxson's birthday! I'm so sad that I can't be there. It feels wrong to miss Jaxson's birthday party. Seriously!

Sabrina said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog! Enjoy the sunshine...finally.

Maranda said...

Your blog looks so fantastic and Jaxson is so dang cute! I wish it would warm up here. We still have huge piles of snow outside. It warmed up to about 37 degrees the other day and people were outside without jackets like it was the best weather ever...haha!

Ginger said...

When you are in Disneyland keep your bags close! My sister-in-law was there a couple of weeks ago and someone came up while they were eating lunch and swiped their bag---unfortunately it was the bag that had the camera, video camera, and wallet so all of her disneyland and Christmas memories were gone!! She was in tears. When she went to check the lost and found they told her this was happening regularly. Just fyi. The person who took it took it right out from under them! So sad. Sorry to be a downer--just giving you a warning. I'm jealous. I could use some disney in my life right about now. Have fun:)