Thursday, March 11, 2010

continued...and more.

Our weekend of partying has left us exhausted and one of us a bit OFF SCHEDULE:)
He's really such a gem when he wakes up. Oh wait....he scares the crap out of me and leaves me wondering where my tender hearted son has gone?!?
His PIRATE PARTY completely wiped him out...and he crashed on the couch within an hour of everyone leaving Saturday afternoon. We finally got him to wake up at approximately 9:45 p.m. He was pissed at the put it lightly.
He watched Dragon Tales with Jarom til 3:00 a.m.
I went straight to bed:)
Before I give a recap of our B-day Party CONTINUED (sunday's festivities)...I have a few things on my mind.
1. The PINK LEMONADE Salt City Candle is making my life right now. Buy it. I also purchased a few from Bath and Body that are making me crave the beach. Pinapple Paradise makes me want to clean out every closet in my house and dive straight into SPRING CLEANING:)
2. I usually hate getting the mail...but yesterday it was the single funnest thing I've done in weeks! Several loving cards for my son full of moolah! A WONDERFUL package full of jewlery, chocolate, scentsy stuff and the new Carrie Underwood CD from my BFF Brittany. Rebate checks for owning ENERGY EFFICIENT appliances. Thank you very much! My DISNEYLAND VACATION package complete with itinerary and a cute Mickey backpack for the little guy.
Oh---and my self restraint from turning on every single light and lamp in my house for the duration of the entire day paid off...because my light bill went down 20 bucks.
I knew I could do it!
See...wonderful mail day.
3. I will always be confused at how people up-date the world of every moment of their day on facebook. (I just went to the bathroom. I just got in my car (sent via iphone). I am currently checking out at walmart with a gallon of milk and a pound of lunchmeat (sent via iphone). My view is maybe WE should simply ENJOY life's moments instead of notify the world about each and every one of them. ya know?!?
4. I let Jaxson sit on my lap and drive around the empty church parking lot today. We did donuts around light poles and I had him gut laughing so hard I wanted to freeze the moment in time. It was heaven for me. I made note to act crazy and make him laugh more often:)
5. I had a very enjoyable 2.5 hour conversation with my friend Pam. We need to do that more often. I kind of like her.:)
6. I had an enlightening talk with my Neighbor Dori regarding PEOPLE and how it takes so many different KINDS OF US to make the world keep turning. Opiniated, quiet, over-emotional, laid back, perfectionists....we need them all:) We defined what we would do in several different scenarios and dissected the WHY, WHO, WHERE, WHAT involved with carrying things out "OUR WAY". I always love conversations like this! I learn a lot more about what I think...and I learn that I easily fall in love with ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE. I become quickly attached.
7. Me and my Walking Partner Mindy thought the park was only 1/2 a mile from our homes...but is not. It is a WHOLE MILE from our homes...which means that we walked 4 miles instead of 3 on monday. What great news.....:):)
8. My child is bossy. Tonight I was in charge of decorating the entire Relief Society Birthday Party and my child walked from person to person telling them exactly what to do. I was sooo embarrased and kept calling Jarom to ask when he'd be there to save me. Everyone forces a little laugh and says "HE SURE ISN'T SHY...IS HE?!?" when I know exactly what they mean is...."HE'S A LITTLE SASS...A LITTLE BOSS...AND ACTS JUST LIKE HE'S ONE OF THE ADULTS!"
9. I can't stop thinking about that woman at Sea World. Jarom is getting tired of it. He keeps saying "I didn't think about it for more than a come you can't stop bringing it up!" Well...I'll tell you why. What kind of a person doesn't DREAM about doing her job when they're little! They certainly don't watch the show as an 8 year old and think about the lucky day they can lean over to feed it a fish and it kills them! I is effecting me more than is normal:) I admit it.
This past week has been FULL...but one of the best I've had in a long time.
I have so many fun things planned for the near future that keep me going and keep me excited.
Easter is just around the corner and I think I like this HOLIDAY more than Christmas...I swear it! It takes a 2nd ONLY to the 4th of July (in which Carried Underwood will be performing at the STADIUM OF FIRE this year..if you were wondering). Does anybody in the world have plans for the 4th yet...except me?!? Don't answer.
I really love this picture.
Of course, I have to look past the fact that my face looks ABOUT as big as my hair.
Not quite...but almost. DANG.
I love the little grin on my child's face. I do this all for I sure hope these Birthday's are a wonderful memory for him:)
He is growing up...but he's never too big for some lovin! I smooch on him daily.
He secretly loves it.
He greeted another 17 people on Sunday afternoon...all dressed in Pirate Gear and ready to celebrate!
He had sword fights with his guests...Here he is taking down my Dad. He get's pretty violent.
Of course, he's had months of practice in anticipation for this weekend.
We sang and had him blow out his candle again...for his OFFICIAL day.
He was a lot LESS SHY and a lot MORE ANIMATED on Sunday when he was surrounded by grandparents, aunts and uncles!
They showered him with gifts!
Here he is hyperventilating over some Monster Trucks!
My mom gave him the cutest little Tony Hawk Stunt Bike.
He is pretty darn good at riding already...he will be riding without training wheels in no time!
The kid is obsessed with sunglasses. He could never have enough.
I keep a pair in my purse, in his bedroom and in the car. Just in case.
He thinks they make him look "cool". I don't know where he gets this stuff.
I borrowed this darling big Treasure Chest Toy box from my neighbor...and it made the most darling display for his presents. Here he is looking for more! SORRY little guy...I think you're finally done. He made off with a haul.
He wrapped up the evening by getting the undivided attention of several adults.
Here he is sitting with his Aunt Kayla, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelsey.
He pretended to scare them with a plastic Lizard for 30 minutes straight...and they all jumped, reacted and played along the entire time! He is one lucky little turd.
He is most definitely loved.
This makes me happy. Grateful. Overwhelmed at times.
I share him with so many people...and I don't mind a bit.
Have a wonderful Thursday.


Bryce & Brittany said...

I have some definant plans for July 4th and only 2nd to watching Carrie Underwood perform at the Stadium of Fire is preparing to give birth to my precious little baby.:) Yay, I'm pretty sure I'll be busy.:) Love this post. You make me laugh. Also thought you should know that I'm going to start reading Mercy today.:)

Maranda said...

That very first picture of Jaxson just kills me. He looks so ornery, it's hilarious! He sure is one spoiled little boy. I'm sure he loves every minute of attention he gets. Hopefully we'll get to see you this summer, that is if you aren't already completely booked through August!

Ktbug said...

Kristin! Look at you! Maybe you remember me. You know from our Aspen Dental days. LOL. I ran into McCall at the Dental Convention and she was giving me all the dirt on Dr. Lyman. I decided to reminisce on my Aspen Dental days and try to find all of ya.
Anyhow, your boy is a doll. (is that acceptable to say about boys? or just girls?) But is an adorable little guy. I'm glad your doing well. Love to catch up with you. Find me on facebook or email me at kwelshrdh(at)gmail(dot)com

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KTBUG said...

don't know what I was's kwelshrdh(at)hotmail(dot)com
not gmail. duh!