Friday, January 1, 2010

follow up on babies...and our Holiday!

Thank you for the wonderful advice on motherhood!

I loved reading the comments:)

I once heard a little thought about motherhood that I thought fit (my post AND your comments) quite well!

I'll share:


Every mother wants an individual relationship with each child. They strive to make special one-on-one time available for each one. She works to draw out the talents and strengths that EACH child was sent here with. She sees the beauty and good in each one...although they are always so different from one another:) She has a special connection and bond with each of her babies.

One particular mother with several children (8-9) to be exact had it figured out. Each individual child was asked "Who is your mother's FAVORITE?!?" and each child responded.... "I AM!".

I LOVED THAT. She was one busy mother...8-9 children! That is work! Must have been one special woman to make them all feel so loved and so special!

That is MY goal:)

No matter how many children I have...(and I hope to have many:):)....I want each of them to think their MY FAVORITE! I want them each to have a special bond with I'm certain they will...and I want to work at loving their differences.

I joke...and people assure me...I will not get so lucky every time!!! Jaxson is cake. He takes care of me most of the time. He is truly the eldest child...(responsible...caring...worried about me and his dad...tender hearted...very mature for his little age...bossy..dramatic). He negotiates and reasons through things with me that I can't believe he even understands.

I am excited to meet my next one.

(no I am not pregnant...but all this talk would lead you to believe I am, wouldn't it?!?)

I think TOO much.

I need to just DO.


Thanks for the encouragement.

It will be a leap of faith...but I have faith that when it's right it will happen and I will




Is anyone else glad that it's over?

I am actually really excited and READY to start over...establish new routines, hobbies, make more new neighbors, a new ward, etc! I am so excited for what this new year will bring:)


We had a wonderful time over the holidays! It went by too fast. I work myself to death leading up to it...and I'm ALWAYS a little under the weather during the holidays:) always.

I need to change that.

Maybe I should try NOT to eat everything in sight as well...that MAY be a contributor!
We had many fun nights of games and wondeful food. Traditions...and giving Jaxson an audience to oooo and aaaahh at his every move. It's pretty entertaining actually. Watching 10 adults this year and one 2 year old on Christmas Morning. He's what "MADE IT" special for all of us!
My mom gives us each a new Christmas Book and we read it together as a family. My parents write a special note to each of us inside the cover...their hopes for us this next year, etc.
One of our favorite traditions:)
Jaxson loves reading books...he sat on my dad's lap while we read "Christmas for a Dollar". Cute cute book...that really puts the true meaning of Christmas in your hearts!

dad and jax

Christmas eve 2009


We open the rest of the world!

Ta dah....

(Jaxson says that 1000 times a day....TAH...DAH!)

I made him a new quilt/baby blanket.

Did anybody sew their almost 3 year old a baby blanket?!? problems are no small thing...:)


He really loves it though...and it makes me so happy:) He already had a favorite blanket...that we take EVERYWHERE with us. If I lose it I will die. I made it for him before he was born...and he is attached to put it lightly. He always says "Mom...I love this blanket because you sewed it for me!". I think it is so sweet that he knows and remembers that I made it.

NOW he has to sleep with his old favorite and this NEW one.

He keeps letting me know " sewed this blankets FOR ME!"

I will now be dragging 2 everywhere we go:)


He got a stuffed puppy dog, jammies, new blanket, and movie.

My mom surprised him with a lightning Mcqueen Blowup bed.

He was set up for the night:)


Christmas Morning
(waiting on the stairs)

Santa found Jaxson...

...and Jaxson was on top of the world for a 24 hour period of time...


He was distracted by the monstrous four wheeler...and didn't want to open anything else!

He is 2 going 20...because anything big and powerful...or with an "ENGINE" as he calls it, makes him giddy:) It goes so fast it about shoots him off the back...but he mastered it within a few trips up and down the block!


Jaxson sat on Santa's Lap SEVERAL times this season and requested a
Only problem: Santa had already selected and wrapped all of Jaxson's presents.
A four wheeler wasn't one of them:) grandma found out he wanted one and told me that I didn't have a choice!
I think her exact words were: You have too! You'll ruin his life and his belief in Santa and break his little heart! You have too!!!
The four wheeler was ordered within 15 minutes:)
Guilt works so well on me.
Santa left Jaxson a butt load of stuff to keep him busy for the next few dreary months of winter!


Puzzles, magnadoodle, shoes, clothes,, football, soccer ball!


Trucks that pull trailers and motorcylces!

His #2 WISH LIST ITEM from Santa.

(I told he is like a 20 year old man)
The fact that it pulls a trailer just about sets him over the edge:)




The "CARS" Geotrax set. I takes over an entire spare room's a huge track that has remote control cars that can drive around it! Probably one of his favorite gifts of all:)



A Sled...


---It was a fun Christmas.

Jaxson kept shouting..."I am SOOOO excited...I am so excited mom!"

are you serious? That is the funnest thing ever.

To see them that excited and happy!

------- so so worth the comments and "talk" from my husband about "over doing it..." blah blah.

Is there such thing by the way?!? Absolutely not. In my book:)


My mom gave me a professional waffle maker that I wanted sooo badly! Just what I needed...something to make belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream sound THAT MUCH MORE delicious to me:) She also gave us a Wii with several games, some fun new things to wear...JEANS for all of us (much needed) and she spoiled Jaxson Crapless like usual.
(I was sicker than a dog...but I want to prove that I was actually present Christmas 09)


We spent the weekend at my mom's and took Jaxson sledding. He wanted to test out his new sled from nanny...and was a brave little stink. We flew down that I was scared...Jaxson laughed hysterically and then asked to go on his tummy.


Yum....two streams of snot directly into the mouth...




Jarom took him on THE TUMMY ride.

I can only do so an attempt to be a fun parent:)



I am amazed that I feel this way...but I am SOO glad it's over!

I don't want to step foot in a store for a month...and I am ready for normal.

I want a routine and no more exuses to eat...and eat...and eat:)

I use the holidays as a wonderful reason to celebrate and bake for at least 2 months with No Exercise allowed.

All good things must come to an end I guess. ha ha!


I joined the world in purchasing a few "Biggest Loser DVD's", some weights and a new exercise ball this last week:) We'll see. The idea is still making me cringe.


2010 is going to be good

I know it.

p.s. My baby is almost 3. I want to die.
Pirate Party just around the corner....
It is going to be the funnest one yet:)


The Wells Family said...

love it! glad that you had such a great holiday. ;0

where in the world did you get those DARLING stripped stuffed animals?!? i need to know ASAP!

Bryce & Brittany said...

There is NO WAY that you can stay out of a store for a whole month. I'll give you 3 days!!:) Seriously!! Looks like Jaxson got some super fun stuff for Christmas. The kid should be entertained until next Christmas.:) Tons of stuff to do today so I'll talk to you later.

Carin said...

Boys are fun aren't they!!! :) I just read your pirate party and had to laugh... I just thought up that concept last week to go along with Zenock's peter pan obsession. Fun ideas to think about. I'm excited to see yours! :)

Sabrina said...

Wow, Jaxson was as spoiled as my little boy was this year....okay, maybe more!

What a fun Christmas, and I love that tradition your parents have with the books. Great Idea.

I totally agree with you though, it's nice to have the holidays over so all the yummy food isn't tempting me and I can get back to a normal routine.

As normal as I can get with a teething 12-month old.

Merry Christmas Kristen, hope this next year is full of more special moments and less stress than the last.

Anonymous said...

he isn't a 20 year old boy he is just a boy....they come programmed that way to love power and speed and vehicles of any sort!

heddomarie said...

looks like a wonderful christmas. Jaxson and Kenny are alot alike.. If a truck is pulling a trailer it's the coolest thing ever! My mom told me when she brought some bread up to your parents house Jaxson was just beaming and kept telling her about his 4-wheeler.