Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...my NEW blog...

Intro to blog copy

intro continued copy

continued copy

Take a Peek.



heddomarie said...

That's exciting! I hope you don't mind me adding it to my blog stalk list.. I love blogs like that. Also thought you might like to know my cousins scrapbook blog scrappity.blogspot.com She has free scrapbook packs and some of them are super cute! I wish I could digital scrapbook like you!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Kristin Bishop said...

well...thank you very much anonymous:)

Carin said...

You are a talented person Kristin! I'm excited for a hobby blog to follow! I feel the same about - if it is cheaper to buy than to make... I choose to buy it and then post all about its greatness! :) But, I also love being crafty and making things.

I do my post/title through http://www.kevinandamanda.com/whatsnew/category/tutorials/blog-design

She has tons of fun stuff on her regular blog also: www.kevinandamanda.com. recipes, photography tips, and she has the most amazing scrapbook room ever! :) (It's kind of a hobby blog too.) She also has tons of free scrapbook fonts to download and use!!! :) Enjoy!

Carin said...

Also! I just remembered... "Amanda" also has a tutorial on there about using a custom font for you entire posts as well.

It makes it a lot easier than doing everything in photoshop seperately. Enjoy! :)

Erin said...

Does it offically make me a blog stalker if I leave a comment? I actually emailed you a while back requesting your dunp truck cake recipe (which I never got around to making...but one day I will!) I found your blog from Carin and Kelly H blogs a while back and I find myself looking at yours from time to time :)

Anyway, I am always looking for new things, so I may have to peak at your new blog from time to time (if you don't care!) I actually am making that bunt cake as I type this! (crazy, that I had all the ingredients!!)

Anyway...you have a darling blog! I am sure I will peak back from time to time!

aust, jess, janson said...

I ran across the cutest, funest blog today... YOURS!! you are such a fun mom!! and you have amazing ideas... {and it looks like you're alot more talented than you give yourself credit for!!!} It is good to see you all are doing so well!!