Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a few things...

I don't have much to say. Which happen....NEVER.
It is a strange sensation. Ha!
I always have a lot to say. About everything.
So why have I loathed the idea of blogging for almost a week. I keep thinking "you should post those pics...or those scrapbook pages...or check in on people's lives" but then I get this feeling like I'd rather....I don't know...drop dead maybe?
Maybe it's because I'm lazy.
Maybe it because...(as my mother-in-law reminds me daily) is JANUARY and according to her everyone has the right to be depressed and onry...for the duration of this dreaded month of the year.
A few things...for the sake of making this post about anything at all:
1- DO NOT READ "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult...unless you want to be addicted to a book for over 3 days, neglect your child in hopes to get one more chapter in AND THEN be utterly sick and depressed by every thing it's about!!! I can't stop thinking about it!
2- My child cusses. Not like...regularly...or anything. Just sometimes by accident...he will choose one of my "choice" words to vent his frustration. His favorite...when he drops something and makes a mess or does something that I will HATE..."damn it!" he says...and then his eyes will grow wide and he will discipline himself. He says "Whoops---I MEANT..OH MY GOODNESS!"
I think it hilarious.
3-If you decide to...oh let's say...give your a child a bedtime for the first time in his life, you should probably give yourself one too. I'm a night owl. I accomplish more from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. than more people do all day! I swear it. The only problem is...I just started enforcing my 3 year old go to bed by 8:30. He does complaints. Only problem: Today he woke up at 7:00...I woke up at 10:00. He laid on the couch and watched cartoons until I could even think about moving my butt from my cozy bed. Fact: if you child goes to bed early...he will rise early. Kristin---this is precisely why you hated early bedtimes to begin with, rembmer?:)
4-This is a cute one! When Jarom is getting ready for work...Jaxson wakes up for the day. I, however, usually went to bed about 3 hours prior and I'm dead to the world for at least another hour. Jaxson always HATES when his dad leaves and he begs and bawls and begs him to stay. Jarom will get him some cereal, his blanket and a cozy spot on the couch watching Disney. Today Jarom called me to say "I found a way to make Jaxson ok with me leaving in the mornings! I told him that I needed him to take care of YOU. He was so excited about it...and didn't even cry when I left. He just told me to drive safe and he would watch mom."
I wanted to cry. How sweet is that!?!?
Sounds dysfunctional when you read it out loud...I am just realizing. HA!
BUT...that may be because you want it this way at your house too...NO worries...
I will tell you EXACTLY how it's done...just call me:)
5-I just got a beautfil copy of UTAH BUSINESS magazine...and it's laying on Jarom's desk in our office. It is the 2010 Legal Elite edition and my hubby's name is printed RIGHT INSIDE. To say I'm proud of him...wouldn't do it justice. He's only been liscensed to practice for 9 months..and he's kicking butt. I am thrilled for him. I love him. I feel guilty almost 23 hour of every day that my life is filled with love from the funnest little boy and my hours filled with browsing isles at Target or Rod works. All this...because of him. So.....beyond grateful would probably describe it the best. Way to go Honey:) You rock.

6-My child has mysteriously developed a vocabulary that is bigger and better than my own. I mean...he is with me and me alone during the day. I should have taught him everything he knows, right? Then why does he use words like: Incredible, Actually, Unbelievable, Riverdale, Oh MY!, Here goes nothin!, of course! I just don't understand why your doing that! What's up?, Mom, I need you to make me a doctor appt. because my nose is hurting! Is that a deal? and many phrases that leave most adults stunned speechless. His nursery leaders (all men) pulled me and Jarom aside on Sunday and told us that he is hands down the most "ARTICULATE" child they've seen. He is also the most coordinated and him playing "gentle" could easily give one of them stitches or a baseball beaning them right between the eyes! I always have to tell him to be he's playing with babies. It's kind of odd. I'm thinking signing him up for T-ball this year with all the 4 olds might actually give him an "outlet". ha ha.
7-My house makes wierd noises that I'm STILL not used to. I constantly think someone is trying to take Jaxson. He is upstairs...absolutely no way to get him...all windows over 20 feet in the air...but I still freak out. I lock the doors and/or make Jarom check them 100 times in the night. I can hear the heater, the ice maker in the fridge...millions of little sounds that make me nervous at night. Maybe because I stay up til 3 alone. Who knows. I am such a wuss.
8-Getting a library for me...and one for Jaxson has been the funnest thing we've done in a while. We attend Story time at least 2 times a week...and they read books and do the cutest activities. Jaxson is obsessed with reading books (which is probably where he get's his little vocabulary from) and we rent about 5-6 a day. I have read two 800 page books...THIS WEEK.
---Love taking bubble baths and reading every night. Me time---
Last but not Least
9- I don't believe you either RED TEAM ON THE BIGGEST LOSER. So embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch. I hate jilian (love bob) mainly because I don't think you are worth millions of dollars and considered "a professional" if you can't find a way to do your job with respect. BUT...I have to hand it to her. She disagreed and she wasn't going to buckle. If I was that sure...I wouldn't have either, I guess:) Plus...the Red Team Lady is a whiner.
I wish I could be a contestant. I need some motivation:) Preferably not someone cussing 2 inches from my face, jumping on my back like I'm some kind of animal, and telling me I am going to ruin my children's lives...but motivation just the same:) ha ha.
Until next time...


Michelle & Dave said...

Jaxon sounds like so much fun...and I don't think you are crazy for being afraid of all the noises. I feel the same about our new house. Also I agree about the stupid RED TEAM! They are the worst! :)

Aaron and Angie said...

I love reading your blog. I haven't read it in a long time so I guess I have some catching up to do. Congrats to Jarom for being printed. I need to check out that book you say not to get and I love the refrigerator that locks. You are classic.

+ Heather + said...

I too have read Nineteen Minutes in 2 days! I love her books! If you havent read Change of Heart yet.. read that next! It was my favorite! I love your blog btw! :)

Sabrina said...

1. Thanks for the tip
2. As bad as it sounds, that is very cute.
3. How can you live each day with little sleep?? No way I could do that. It kills me.
4. I totally feel like you in the morning and I think that it so adorable that Jaxson is willing to "take care" of his mommy
5. That is so awesome! You've got one heck of a husband.
6. I know, where do they learn that?? You should be proud of such an articulate little boy.
7. At least it's a new house, old ones are even creepier.
8. Great idea!
9. Sorry, don't have TV anymore so I haven't kept up with Biggest Loser...but wouldn't it be nice to have someone teach you how to lose weight and be there every day to help!

Anonymous said...

Seriously I dont even know you but whoever left that comment was out of line. This is YOUR blog.. about YOUR thoughts. If they don't agree.. fine. But DON'T leave a beastly comment! and DONT leave it ANONYMOUS! Seriously I hope it didn't make you feel bad. I think you are a DOLL and you are Probably an excellent mother! I thought this post was pure and sweet! Loved reading it! BLog on!