Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jazz game...

I threw a bridal shower for my beautiful sister-in-law Kelsey on Saturday.

Jarom opted to take Jaxson to the Jazz game instead:)

go figure


Jaxson sported his New Jazz Jersey for the occasion.

He was BEYOND excited.

For many reasons:

# 1. He was hanging out with dad

# 2. His evening would revolve around a sport

#3. He was wearing a Jersey

#4. His dad bought him a bug juice

#5. Girls were not allowed

(something he announced to me COUNTLESS times throughout the day)











He has had "JAZZ" on the brain ever since.

Oh...I just love how he says it.....


so adorable.


He truly is my best friend.

My mom informed me last week that jaxson would most definitely struggle when a new baby comes into the picture...because he is so used to constant, ooey gooey love from me and his dad. I do feel badly for him sometimes...he hasn't known any different...and he hasn't had much of a choice:) He always says..."I love when it's mommy, daddy and jaxson!"


I have a bond with him that seems unreal to me at times. I love his quirky little personality and his giggle. Even his cry still tugs at me and makes me want to immediately FIX it. He works so hard to make me proud of him. I sometimes step back and wonder what is going through his little mind. Does he know that I'm proud beyond description? Does he know that he makes my life fulfilled? He has a true "oldest child" personality. He takes such good care of me and Jarom and is very responsible. If that makes sense....

...it is miraculous to see your child grow and become who their little spirit wants to be...

It's surreal to wake up one day and realize that 90% of your interaction is with a 2.5 year old....and you don't mind it a single bit. He loves so unconditionally. He is so concerned lately with making me happy or proud of him. He is a wonderful negotiator like his mama. He is the easiest child on earth. I know it. Today he waltzed into my bedroom at approx. 8:00 a.m. and whispered in my ear "Mom, I am going to wait on the couch until you're done sleeping...then will you turn on my show and probably get me some chocolate milk?"

I said sure and rolled over.

30 minutes later I hear this in my ear, "I will wait on the couch for 2 more minutes...do you think you'll be done sleeping?"

I said sure and rolled over. he he

15 minutes later I hear: Bummer mama...I have to PEE. I have to PEE...help. As he was trying to unzip his jammies.


That got me out of bed in a flash:)


I have to say that my favorite thing about him is his constant expression of love. He doesn't go an hour without hugging me and telling me that he loves me. If I am out of his sight...he will shout it from upstairs or from somewhere in the house. He calls me his "angel"...and to be honest, that's all I care about in life! If he adores me and knows that he's loved...a lot...I am one content and happy woman.

Motherhood is the most rewarding job ever.

The perks: Constant love, laughter and 24 hour companionship:)

it doesn't get better


Our little game this week: Jaxson went to the doctor last week for his 3rd year checkup. (Ya know, because he turns 3 in two months and I'm a little over-zealous sometimes, so we've already checked that off the list!)

He tells me over and over: "Mom...I'm sorry but the Doctor said I'm growing up!"

Me: Fake crying and cover my eyes:)

Jaxson: (giggling like crazy) Ok mom...I'll stay little, I'll stay little....I promise!


He better.

I truly dread the day he starts school...and we can't have mornings filled with sleeping in, making waffles and watching Dragon Tales. Pleas oh please oh please...let him stay little?!?!?


Sabrina said...

You are really living the life Kristin; what a beautiful blessing Jaxson is in your life!

Wouldn't it be nice if they always stayed little!??

Thanks for the invite to his big THREE birthday party, I'll see what we're doing that month and let you know.

It was fun getting to know you while you lived in the ward and I must admit that I miss visiting you. But I'm super happy that you finally got your dream home built!

Keep checking our blog, I like it when people read it.

Bryce & Brittany said...

He is going to grow up, he is going to go to school but in the mean time you need to have another baby!!! It's time! It's time!

Anonymous said...


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