Sunday, October 25, 2009

...weeeeks ago....

Weeks ago when I had a life...or even two seconds of extra time (I think on conference Sunday perhaps) I threw together a few scrapbook pages:)
Two of them were saved as the wrong kind of document....which makes me want to scream....but at least I kicked out another handful to add to the book! I'm not sure why....but I LOVE to scrapbook. I feel like I'm doing something good....(It's possibly my love of being creative and my love for photographing my child...combined into one project that makes it so rewarding and fulfilling). Who knows. All I know is I spend WAY too much time and money on the Sweet Shoppe Designs website!
I plan on getting all caught up after Christmas. By Feb...I will have all my pages DONE and printed into books:) How's that for a goal?!?
Here's a good start anyway....
Lake Powell 2009
(this was only in I'm not too behind:):)
Side 1
Lake powell 2009 side 2
Side 2
Lake Powell 2009 Side 1 I feel like I haven't neglected my blog.
p.s. I put on a doorknob today. Well...with the help of my husband....but I totally did it.
I am learning knew things everyday. Things I never imagined I would do...most of them I never wanted to...but hey, I'm plugging along with a (pretend) smile on my face!
I deserve some kind of credit!!!
love, me


Anonymous said...

Kristin -
I must know where you got the stuff for this layout. Your scrapbook pages are fantastic. Also, where did you get the large crab and umbrella on your St. George pictures from last year?

Thank you

Kristin said...

anonymous....I get all my scrapbook supplies from Sweet Shoppe Designs website. ( They come out with seasonal stuff that is only available for a limited some things may not be for sale. The majority of this layout was made withe the kit "ISLAND LIFE". If you do a search on that website for should pull right up! Good luck!

allegra said...

i love when people post as "anonymous.":)

your life sounds crazy busy right now! i commend you for hanging in there. soon you'll look back and realize how much you overcame and then you'll be able to tackle anything in life. building a home would be tough i think, but worth it in the end! i'm glad you got to escape it, if only for a little bit, to do something you love like scrapbook.

lake powell is the best!