Wednesday, October 21, 2009

...still crazy busy...

No pictures again.
My life is full right now...TOO FULL
Not even sure where my camera is.
I think I saw it floating around in my dad's truck?!?
One piece of advice.
It's simple...and if you like yourself one single bit and don't deserve any kind of cruel and unusual punishment you will listen to me.....
I repeat.
I just got home (12:45 p.m.) after midnight for the 8th night straight:) I haven't seen my baby in weeks it feels like....and I'm trying to be content just watching other people (and their blogs) enjoy FALL....since I am totally missing it. wwwaaahhh.
All the pumpkin patches and homemade goodies look like sooooo much fun.
I am happy for you all.
Instead, my fingernails are permanently I was just awarded "employee of the month" and jiffy lube. My sister and I stained my entire front door on Sunday. Yes it took over 5 hours...and yes it was the sabbath. Sad thing's not finished. I will spend hours doing touch-ups...then top coat...then of course the door knob, etc. etc. ....and to think...that's just the front door! It feels like I could spend months there and never leave and the work would never get done! THERE is so much mud and dirt. I swept and mopped 50 times today...I sucked up bags of rocks and mud with the shopvac...and should see the mess!
It feels a lot like camping. Being there everyday. No toilets, no running water, no food, no electricity. If you need a laugh just think: I have been working at my house every night huddled up to a spotlight to get warm...peeing under the deck in the dirt. Yes...I just said that.
My parents say "you'll look back on this experience and love it!"
ummmmm. Never. ha ha ha.
On a more positive note:
My grandma drove 4 hours to stay for the week and tend my child all day every day for me. I am the luckiest. She rules...and I love her to pieces. She called tonight to let me say "goodnight" to Jaxson over the phone and told me she took him to the park. I wanted to cry right then. I am sooooo glad I have such a great family and that they really step up at stressful and overwhelming times in my life. I'm glad Jaxson is getting some kind of "normalcy" in his completely disheveled life right now. She even did my laundry today and ironed Jarom's shirt for work!
I am just struggling to do it all:):)
that happens to others right?!?
We (my husband and me) officially just layed a hardwood floor! It looked pretty damn good if I can say that....UNTIL, somebody dropped a measuring tape on it today and put a giant hole in it. AAAAAGGGHHHH. I wish I could say I had control...but I fell to the ground and gasped in horror:( I waited until they had left of course....and then Jarom and I laid on the ground filling it with murphys oil scratch cover for 20 minutes just hoping it would disappear.
Nope. It didn't.
Another joyful experience today: I was quickly buckling my child in his carseat...holding his blanket, sippy, my purse, my pink notebook (house building bible...must be in hands at all times) and 10 other items and I sat my blackberry on the roof of the car. Needless to's toast. MILLIONS of pieces. Normally I would have continued driving.....but not right now! I don't have time for this. I pulled over...jumped out and ran like a crazy woman all over the middle of the freaking search of my ABSOLUTELY MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW....MY SIM CARD!!! The phone that houses each and every subcontractors phone number...and the phone that rings every 2 seconds all 24 hours of every day...was now destroyed.
Yes I had a complete come apart.
I bawled like I haven't in months...and it felt good.
I found it though...the SIM CARD that is.
I popped it in Jarom's old Razor...and now am sporting a phone that sings "THE OFFICE" theme song every time I get a call. Sweet.
The good news is I will survive!
whether or not I want to....I will live through this experience:)
....and if I'm will all be worth it....


The Wells Family said...

oh my goodness...i am having deja vu all over again. i agree!!! never build your own house again!

lucky for you, you stained the door BEFORE you moved in. i think our front door was bare for a good six months until we could stomach another project. and i didn't have any organizers in my closets for months too....all of our clothes were thrown into a spare bedroom to rummage through. it wasn't until rob accidently put on a pair of my jeans that he realized we needed our closet organizers in. and our pantry? until we MOVED three years later, i had all my stuff organized into laundry baskets. we didn't get shelving until we were moving out and getting it ready for the new family. nice.

ahhhhh...memory lane. thanks for letting ME vent. :) enjoy your beautiful home!!!

B&B Goldsberry said...

Oh no!! We have been thinking about building! :) But we don't have freakin 20% for a construction loan, so now our plans might be a tad bit different!Plus.. We both have full time jobs and I am exhausted already! To think I was so excited about finding a house! HAHA! We don't know what to do, so we are still in a dang apartment!

Simkins said...

I can't wait for November to come and we can actually go out to dinner and hang out!!! K so since your phone got destroyed I'm sure you didn't get my message....I havn't had a phone all week either so call me on Justin's phone. Havn't talked to you for a few days and we want Jaxon to come play!

Tara and Andrew said...

We built our house, too, Kristin, and it sucked a big one for that long summer two years ago! Hang in there!:) You wanna hear my advice about the hard wood floor? You will think I'm crazy, but...go around and put dents all over it. It's true. Then, it looks like it is supposed to be like that and you won't drive yourself crazy every time you drop something on it! It is inevitable that you will dent it. So put them there on purpose! Everyone will LOVE it because it will look authentic:) Take it or leave it! ha ha GOOD LUCK!!!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh crap....You're majorly stressed aren't you?? I think I'll wait a couple days to call you.:) Or a couple months....:) Just kidding, I know you need someone to vent to so feel free to give me a call.:) Can't wait to see the house though and I promise not to stare at the whole in your Brand New Hardwood Floor.:(

Aaron and Angie said...

I think we will build, but not do the work. I don't know how you manage and at least you can get it done the way you want. I'm sorry you are working your fingers to the bone, but once it's done you will be grateful.