Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the 15th

Because it is well after midnight...and that means I have made it to the 15th...(thus surviving half of October) I plan on rewarding myself to a treat tomorrow:)
I'm thinking ice-cream.
(I treat myself to one every day it seems...but that is neither here or there:)
I'm thinking Cold Stone.
I'm also thinking that I will order the "GOTTA LOVE IT" size.
Ya know...the size in which you nonchalantly act as though your husband is in the car waiting to share it with you...and you ask for 2 spoons just to really convince them ;)
....and then happily devour the entire thing yourself with ease....
Yep. Tomorrow you'll find me at Cold Stone...having a good cry of relief that I made it this far....and crying harder that I still have so far left to go.
love, me


Bryce & Brittany said...

I've never tried the "two spoons please" trick though now you've given me the idea.:) You're funny! I wish I could treat myself to some Cold Stone but I'd have to drive an hour and a half to get it. I've been working like a mad woman lately and never got a chance to e-mail you back. I will if and when I get a chance.:) Love ya!

Ruth Peterson said...

Oh man, Kristin--seriously wish there was a way we could help you that our wedding is done,we are feeling a little at loose ends...Hang in there and enjoy the ice cream!

Sabrina said...

ooh, you enjoy that ice cream! I hope you can keep your chin up until this house is finished!