Wednesday, October 28, 2009

jaxson--isms and Jamael....

I will start with Jamael...and save the best for last....(my hilarious Jaxson:)
I leave my house tonight... (the one that is still under construction and therefore has no electricity, toilets, heat, etc) and it is usual. I am dreading the daily drive home from Layton. I think to myself "I wish Krispy Kreme was open right now. That is the ONLY thing that could make this drive bareable."
Instead I swing into Flying J. I walk in and am looking for the first baked good I can see to numb the pain and stress I feel. It happened to be cookies. I grabbed them and approached the counter. (In comes Jameal to the story). He was my 7 foot tall, Black and extremely nice (with extremely big earrings) checker-outer this evening. He smiled, scanned my cookies and said "UUUmmm....Are you having a good night?"
I thought for a moment.
I started to laugh.
He started to laugh.
I responded...."Jameal...I just walked into a gas station. This late at night. Alone. I am buying a pack of cookies...and only a pack of cookies. I guess I could be better!"
We both just started hysterically laughing.
I guess that's the only thing to do when your stress is so can't even cry:)
Have a good laugh.
I just walked in the door and have a million other priorities than blogging...but I had to share some hilarious comments I am getting from my 2 year old child these days.
Most 2 year olds (if you sit and listen long enough) come up with the most random and completely hysterical things.
A few of my favorites this week: (keep in mind I see him only 1 hour a day right many of these things are during phone calls)
This evening:
My phone rings....
Me: Hello!
Jaxson: Hi mom! What are you doing?!? I miss you...and love you. Guess What....when you get home I'm going to say "CUTE BUTT MOM!" and give you a hug.
Me: That sounds great son. I'll be looking forward to it.
( thinking...What in the.....!)
A few days ago I am about to get in the shower and Jaxson barges into the bathroom.
Jaxson: "HI mom! Whatcha doing?
Me: " good ok!"
Jaxson: "I'll play with my trucks ok." as he gives me a hug.
(he turns to leave....looks at my nude reflection in the mirror and says...)
Jaxson: "Cute butt mom"
(he exits the bathroom, while I stand there stunned)
Where does he get this stuff?????
The phone rings the other day and he insists on answering EVERY phone call that comes to this house.
It's brother Ryan's girlfriend who is simply adorable and I must admit...I am green with envy of her perfect "shape". (hee hee)
Jaxson answers: HELLO!
Kelsey: Hi Jaxson....
Jaxson: Hi Kelsey!!! What are you doing? You have nice boobs.
(...again, I'm thinking...What in the....!)
He now tells her this every single time she comes over.
Last night my mom is making white chocolate covered popcorn...delicious! The popcorn was popping in the microwave and Jaxson climbs onto a barstool.
Jaxson: "LOOK NANNY! Popcorn is popping on the Apricot!"
(my child is nuts. I can't get over him though, how funny is that)
This morning I awoke to the feeling that somebody was staring at me...and sitting WWWAAAYYY to close. Ya know that feeling? Well...I opened my eyes and Jaxson was kneeling right next to my head. He reached down and grabbed me tight around the neck and exclaimed...
"OOOHHH're awake. I love you FFFWWEETHEART."
(that one was pretty darn great)
Last but not least...
Jaxson has learned a few things living at "our house" and currently our house consists of grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, uncle Ryan, and often times uncle Stephen, Aunt Kayla and Uncle Nate. We stay busy...and there is ALWAYS something going on here:)
He has learned to stand up for himself...and unfortunately picked up on more than I can control in an environment filled with adults and only 1 child!!! He is mawled and wrestled and tickled by one of the 8 adults every second of every day.
He yells...he makes jokes for attention. He mimicks everything he sees:)
The other day out of the blue he shouts to my brother Ryan
I know what you are thinking.
...but the point are also laughing. Hard.
Fact: My child is downright hysterical right now. He is 2 going on 18 and I since I don't have the time to fix it....I am enjoying it:) Embracing it and sharing it with all of you! Enjoy
He's naughty and too smart for his own good...but we'll keep him:)

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Stephanie said...

This is your funniest post yet! Next to the thong in Wet Seal post haha! He is such a character! Its amazing how kids just do things and people look at you like you MUST be the one who taught them that! Brinlee loves to dance and the other day she started doing a new move in front of my in laws..she had her hands against the wall and started pushing her butt out over and over..and over..they just gave me "the look" then asked if I had been letting her watch MTV videos too much! Haha I about died! I still have no idea where she learned that one..and she still does it.. but only when we have company! Cracks me up! :)