Thursday, October 8, 2009 words...

I hate to complain...but it always makes me feel just a tad bit better:)
There are not words to describe how SICK, BUSY, and STRESSED I have been for the past 2 I won't even try.
I will just say...
and leave it at that.
I'm only slightly convinced that I will survive the month of October:)
...and I pray daily that my child will be able to "BLOCK" out the last 4 months of his pitiful life. It has been just awful. He was robbed of 2 months of sandboxes, popsicles and a carefree summer...and is currently being robbed of walks in the beatiful weather and well...lets be honest....(healthy food, regular bathing, brushed teeth, etc). I am not kidding.
We are on "SURVIVE MODE"...and I will feel like I just "ran a marathon" if I make it to November 15th alive and breathing. Only...I will be fatter instead of the alternative.
The good news is I am finally getting my voice back after 2 weeks of Strep throat.
I sound like a man...but at least sound comes out today. Back to work....
Did you see Nienie on Oprah?
oh my goodness.
Does anyone think it turned out to be more about the "other" lady than nie. It bugged me. It was all about how the "other" woman changed...and what she does with her kids now that her eyes are opened. WIERD. Hello....I wanted more focus on Nie and her kids! More about her daily life...and how her kids learned a new normal. More about sweet Nie...who never wants the attention but deserves it all.
That's all.
love, me


Brownies said...

Anyone reading this just know Kristin is a Liar.....She has it so dang good it's pitiful, she is beautiful, skinny, has an amazing husband and is building the house of all of our dreams with amazing closets.......she is buying EVERYTHING NEW and again doing all this work for HER NEW HOUSE, hard to feel bad for Kristin,,,,love ya kristin........oh ya and tell Jaxon to hang in there he has a tendency to be like his mom............he too looks like he is suffering.......

Kristin Bishop said...

mandi- you little stink.
Was it me at lowes at 10 p.m. last night...dealing with an annoying employee...while you were sitting on your bed enjoying your Mac and photoshop:) I think so. I envy you:):) love ya