Friday, October 2, 2009

...things I DIDN'T teach him...

I've learned a lot in the 2.5 years I've spent being a MOTHER
...and I like to think I've taught this little squirt a thing or two! However, I am noticing more and more lately things that Jaxson does and says that I definitely didn't teach him....
How do they do that???
For the longest time this little stink has been dependant on me.
I loved his first preferences on radio station while driving in the car, no preference of what to eat/drink for dinner, no fits over candy in grocery stores.
Just chunky and happy to be here:)
Well...that's over...and I am left with...the 2.5 year old version of my sweet baby Jaxson.
Don't get me wrong....he melts me...but he also makes me nuts.
I have to refrain from physically beating him several times a day:) Am I awful?
Anyhow....I have caught myself wondering how on earth he knows so much. Isn't his every need/want/desire/ounce of knowledge because I gave it to him? If he's because I cooked lunch. If he's becuase I filled his sippy. If he smells like Dove... it is because I forced him to bathe. SO....why does he know all this crap that I never took the time to sit down and teach him?!?
Like how to put together every puzzle he owns in less than 15 seconds flat. I never do those puzzles with him! We own them...and they sit there in their "Spot" day after day. I have never seen him do them before...ever.
It has really confused me lately:):)
He absorbs EVERYTHING. He NEVER misses a it's not worth trying. I have started spelling things out...when I'm talking to Jarom about something I don't want him to hear, but not even this works. The other day we didn't bring his blanket and I was fearing what life would be like when he realized it. I said to Jarom "Check the Jeep for his B-L-A-N-K-E-T"...immediately Jaxson started saying "MOM...where is blankie? I want my blanket!"
What in the ------ ???
Here's just a few that are highly entertaining:
1- If you ask him how he's doing, he responds: "Umm. Pretty Good!"
2- He jumps off the couch and the entire time he's screaming
"DO NOT worry mom! I WILL NOT break my neck!"
3- If we are at a store and he wants candy (imagine that) and I say NO....he screams at the top of his lungs while bawling "BUT I ASKED NICE! YOU HAVE TOO!"
4- He has definite preferences in music and radio stations while driving in the car. He always begs for the "CHICKEN NUGGET SONG". I have no clue why...but he thinks a song on the Taylor Swift CD says "Chicken nuggets" in it...and he wants to listen to it over and over:)
5- He smacks me in the face all day long. I hate this...and literally want to strangle him when he does it. The SECOND he swings and hits me...he covers his butt with his hand and screams "I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!" (odds are that he is doing the same thing within 30 minutes).
6- Today I asked him why he likes his yellow blanket so much. (We have to take this thing EVERYWHERE we go. He became attached to it 4-5 months ago...even though he has a million blankets). He looked at me and said " you sewed it for me. DUH!" How did he know that. Or remember for that matter....IF I ever even told him.
7- My mom asked him if he was going to do something (I can't remember what) when he got big...and he looked at her and said "Yes I am. And....ACTU-A-LLLY Nanny...I'm already big!"
8- He is also insisting on peeing standing up...which is a whole new world for me. I hate the idea...and think it's completley disgusting. He is physically not tall enough to make things work properly. I have been trying to be he says "BOYS STAND MOM!!!!"
Ok Jaxson. Big Boys stand. BUT they also aim....most do anyway.
9-My favorites right now: "MOM I have to show you something...right now!!"
"OH BOY MOM...You better come see this!!!"
These two statements are my life right now. Whether we are in a store...and he wants to show me a toy he spotted from 15 isles away...or in the yard and he spots a grasshopper. I am constantly grabbed by the hand and led in one direction or the other!
---- post this evening is entirely due to the fact that my husband is in Layton working on the house...and this is probably the 1st Friday night in our marriage we've not been on a date. I have been pacing like a crazy woman...and totally hating life. I am bored...and lonely...and know exactly why I got married at 19. I hate being alone.
I NEED to spend time with him...or my life just isn't the same:)
Happy Friday night.


Simkins said...

Hahahaa I'm afraid the peeing standing up is something learned at my house. The first time he came over he said he sat to pee, Owen told him that Boys he stood to pee.(Owen even asked if he wanted to have a sword glad he didn't pick up on that!:) ) Hopefully he's over needing the diet coke!;)He needs to come play again soon! Call me this week if u aren't to busy!

Suzanne said...

it's so comforting knowing that im not the only one who goes through stuff like this. Jonathan has been saying stuff like "hey mom!" he doesn't even wanna call me mommy anymore. or when im like "jonathan what are you doing?" he'll say "i'm doing something!" i dunno where he learns this stuff! he ran up to me yesterday with his t-rex in his hand and was like "mom, t-rex is a carnivor." WHAT?!?!? i didn't teach him that! it's so fun to hear all this stuff come out of his little mouth though. and the whole peeing standing up thing....i think i've scrubbed the toilet and the floor in the bathroom 5 times already just today!

jaxson is getting so big...i was looking at the halloween pictures of him and jonathan the other day. they both were so tiny and now they're peeing standing up!Jonathan is turning 3 on wednesday...i wish you guys could be here for the party...we miss you like crazy!