Sunday, October 11, 2009

...deck installed..check:)

SO....I spent the last 48 hours helping Jarom (and his talented friend ROB) install our Deck.
One more thing complete....a million more to go before moving day:)
For the record...we only got in one fight and no cussing occurred.
Oh yah...other than when I admitted having OCD and kindly reminded him
to not do it "half-assed" or else we'd have problems:)
He likes it when I'm fiesty.
See....Jarom gets easily disgusted by mushy stuff.
If I want to show him I love him...a big hug and kiss just doesn't cut it.
Now...making a sassy remark, bossing him a little....
and giving him a giant Mt. Dew....that works like a charm.
We WILL SURVIVE this experience darn it.
We will.
On a sidenote:
I am soooo in love with him today. (Jarom that is:)
Wierd to announce....probably.
on my blog.....yep.
....but hear me out....
....I got to thinking today...I have been married almost 6 YEARS and he still makes me so so twitterpated (no clue on spelling....and he will kill me for using that word...ha ha ha). I remember looking over at him sitting next to me on the airplane...just 24 hours after we got married...heading to our Honeymoon...and thinking
and just wanting to burst into tears. I most likely did.
On our way home tonight...after 10 hours of laboring on the sabbath...building our new home side by side...and thought that exact thought:) I remembered that exact moment and feeling I had 6 years ago...and it made me so grateful...(and twitterpated:).
Oh please. I am so emotional or something.
BUT...the point is...I am feeling pretty darn lucky HE'S MINE today.
....and that doesn't happen EVERY I thought I would document it:)
(this is the comment that I insert to make my mushy one ACCEPTABLE in his eyes)
ha ha ha ha.


AGENDA for TOMORROW: find and order garage doors!
fun stuff
love, me

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