Tuesday, September 15, 2009


When I was younger I wanted my ears pierced. Nothing to "out of ordinary" just a simple trip to the mall and a new pair of studs:)

In my family that was not allowed.

My dad wasn't having it.

He HATED the idea...and refused.


Now, let me clarify a bit. My dad isn't as strict as he sounds....he spoils us and loves us...and is a giant goofball most of the time. He did have definite "boundaries" that kept us in line growing up....but always spoiled us with time, affection and wonderful gifts! He just REALLY hates "piercings" and can't stand the idea. Pointless, ugly and wrong. Simple as that (in his book).


This gift....the gift of earrings....was NEVER going to happen...see he reminded me often.

So I complained and whined for years.


My wedding day approached and I thought just maybe I had the courage to REBEL. I had never disobeyed my dad...but darn it...EARRINGS were important!!! I could go as far as saying they were "CRITICAL", especially on my wedding day.

Still...my dad insisted the idea was pathetic and I quote..."You don't need gobby pieces of metal hanging from your head to make you look beautiful. You would be "OVER DOING IT" and you are gorgeous without them".


So I found the most beautiful set of earrings (for pierced ears of course) and paid out the nose to have them made into CLIP-ONS for my wedding day. The memory still makes me laugh out loud...but a girls gotta do what's necessary.


A few more years passed and I was growing older. Afterall --- I was a married woman...had been for over 2.5 years might I add...and I could make this decision couldn't I???


I waited until I moved halfway acrossed the country to a little state called NEBRASKA...

and I did it!!!

...I marched into the mall...made Jarom hold my hand...and wahlah!

I pierced my ears and was giddy for weeks:)


Now...I'd love to say it went smooth...or my REBELLION went unnoticed and unpunished...but no can do. I had never disobeyed my dad...and HATED to disappoint him more than anything else on earth. Again: Having earrings was critical remember. I would have never done it if I didn't have to! I simply didn't have a choice. Living without the enjoyment would have been too painful.


The 4-5 month wait until my next visit to UTAH was one filled with anxiety. How was I going to hide them? I surely couldn't do it forever.


Well...he didn't notice. Not that trip anyhow....but my sister eventually copied me...got her ears pierced...got CAUGHT...then told on me too:) I could have killed her. Little stink.
What are sister's for:):)


My point is....I am seriously paying for it now. Right after I pierced my ears a bump started developing on my left lobe. The idiot girl at Claire's obviously didn't know what she was doing...and pierced it halfway...when it didn't go all the way through in one quick movement like it should have...she made a comment that went something like this, "OoooHHH..." and lifted up her other hand (to use the strength of both hands) to press the earring the rest of the way through my earlobe. SICK! The sound was less than enjoyable.

The bump has hurt for 3 years...and is NOW pretty darn big. It has nearly closed off my hole on that side...and each time I wear earrings I am practically re-piercing it. It is horribly painful...and swollen. My punishment for rebellion I guess.


I visited the doctor this morning and after a huge shot (in my freakin earlobe people...yes it hurt and I said the S-word) the doctor told me I would have to have surgery to remove it!

I have been referred to a plastic surgeon, get to be knocked out, have the thing surgically cut out, my lobe put back together, and months later....get my ear re-pierced. Sounds fun, huh?

Oh yah....and then it would most likely come back.
I can't wait to tell Jarom tonight. He will be so onry about paying for this little dilemma:)


I am still deciding if this was all worth it.

Bizarre that I'm still on the fence about it, I know!!!

....maybe my love for earrings stems from my 22 years of being deprived of them. Who knows?

What I do know...is I will listen to my dad from now on....and use this story to threaten my children into obeying my every instruction:) If not...they will pay.
Often times not until later...but they will.
Parents always know best:)


The Wells Family said...

ha! that is funny. i am still the same way about listening to my parents. :) bummer about your ear. that sounds less than pleasant. but it reminds me of my little niece who is seven and wanted her ears pierced so badly (her parents won't let her) that she locked herself in the bathroom and did it herself with a needle and ice cubes!! now that is dedication and rebellion. :)

Maranda said...

That is so funny. It sucks that you'll have to get surgery though. I think it's just an unfortunate coincidence that this happened to you for your 'rebellious' action.

I think once you are on your own and out of your parent's house, their opinions and rules just become discretionary advice!

You did the right thing for you. You just picked the wrong place to get it done! Earings are just too cute and fun to pass up. I find comfort and justification in my decision to do it because the prophet said I could!

JC said...

That is too funny. My dad was/is the exact same way. I pierced mine at college (after my roommates held my hands and forced me too.) I dreaded going home and seriously thought my Dad would disown me... no joke. I'm the same as you though... I love earrings. Maybe, because of the many years I was deprived of wearing them. :) The things we do for beauty?!? Good Luck with the surgery!!!

Carin said...

oops... that last one was me (Carin). JC was signed in.

Bryce & Brittany said...

That's awesome....let me explain....only would some traumatic ear piercing story happen to a person who was forbidden to get their ears pierced.:) I've never heard that happening to anyone else.:) Is it really necessary to have it removed? It's just scar tissue right? I think that surgeon just wants money! Like you don't have better things to spend it on.....like more pretty earings.:) I guess that's why we TRY to listen to our parents huh?

Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time leaving you a comment on your scrapbooking blog. I was just blog hopping and came acrossed yours. I love your work! I am new to the whole digital scrapbooking stuff.. can you tell me which program you are using? Is it Memory Maker?

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

That story is hilarious!!! It's funny because I was just admiring your earrings in your new family pictures, cute. I totally get the earring drama. I got my ears pierced at age eight. My mom figures if I could choose to be baptized then I could choose to pierce my ears. But, that was it and no more!!! Well, when I got to jr. high me and Annalise P. wanted a second tiny hole on our left lobe just like her big sis. No more because that would of course be tacky. Neither of our moms would go for it. So, my responsible older brother who had just gotten home from his mission took Both OF Us to the mall to do it. I loved it until I was eighteen then the big church talk came out about only one pair. It was such drama for me to take it out, the earring was about the size of a grain of sand...how dumb looking back on it. Although I haven't worn an earring in it for eight years it still hasn't closed over and still gives me trouble...go figure. The drama of us Mormon girls:)