Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Follow-Up Post...

In addition to my previous post...I thought I would follow up by including my conversation with Jarom about the matter.
Jarom walks in the door from work.
I walk in the door from Young Womens.
Jarom: What we eating for dinner? (his typical first words)

Me: So I had to get a shot in my ear thingy today. It hurt way bad. It probably won't help. He says I have to get surgery. Plastic Surgeon...cut it out, reconstruct my earlobe, then re-pierce in a few months.

Jarom: What? Huh?

Me: I swear I told you this already. Didn't I tell you this earlier?

Jarom: Um Nope. You have to get it cut out? I swear cost WAY too much money.

Me: Whatever hon.

Jarom: I'll cut the freaking thing out. Come over here....

an hour passes.....
Jarom: You should probably make an appt. right after Christmas.... AND we should probably take care of everything we can next year since we'll surely meet our "out of pocket max".
Me: Great! I'm glad you agreed....another baby...earlobe reconstruction....and I will compile a list of the other things I want FIXED:)
Jarom: (Blank his typical fashion) Let's go to bed I'm tired.
This is so us.
...and in response to your comment Brittany...I know...what are the freaking odds?!? Just so you know this only happens to a rare percentage of people...and 90% of them are Black. ha ha ha . Are you laughing? I about died. Especially because my entire life I have been asked "what ethnicity are you?" I have been asked it all I swear. College health histories. When I check the CAUCASION box most people stare and me with accusing eyes that say "YOU ARE SO LYING!" Most people think I'm brazillian or Indian.
It's Great fun.
I am White.
With an earlobe issue.
Love, Me


Bryce & Brittany said...

HA!! Sounds like next year will be full of doctor's visits!! Get done with the house then you can worry about reconstucting your caucasian ear.:)

Brownies said...

i am rolling on the ground with laughter.

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