Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lots accomplished...

I get in these moods where I try to accomplish more than humanly possible in a 48 hour period.

(I also have 48 hour periods of time when I do absolutely I'm sure it evens itself out:)


I have somehow managed to sew my child 2 quilts for Fall amidst my hecticness. One, that I admit, resembles a baby quilt in every aspect...but I don't care because until I have another...he IS MY baby:)

blog 1

I ran it through one of those big machines that embroiders a design over the top to finish it off. I LOVE the stars and swirls. Makes it look so precious.


The other...a big, thick, comfy twin sized one for his big boy bed...that I was pretty proud of. Sewed, tied, bound...the works. Me and a friend worked an entire day...and ENTIRE night to make sure the thing got finished! Heaven knows I don't have more than 1 day to dedicate to the I had to take advantage of the middle-of-the-night hours. I'm almost certain it is cheaper to buy one if you were wondering:):)


Perfect time of year for a big, warm quilt. I wanted one for under his Comforter before winter. He is pretty thrilled with the helmets and big boy bats that cover the front:)


I also canned for 3 days straight.

Freezer corn, tomatoes, peaches...lots and lots of peaches,
homemade applesauce...the works. I will never look at a jar of applesauce the same way. SOOO much work. I mean I deserve some kind of award. Plucked the apple from the tree, washed, cooked, mashed, strained, mixed with sugar, bottled, processed for 30 minutes. Are you serious???
It's delicious if you were wondering:)
I'm doing Grape juice this week sometime...and feeling very "motherly" :):)
It's great fun.


On a sidenote: I am done with my Christmas Shopping!

I know.

Pretty amazing.

I am constantly out running errands for the house and between sweeping or picking stucco colors I started thinking "ahead" to Christmas. I'm DONE!

...and it feels wonderful...


I have them all packed nicely away in a box. Too bad I wasn't smart enough to realize that ANYTHING I buy now...will have to be packed and then unpacked shortly.


I am running myself ragged...and have repeatedly said that when I move Nov. 1st I will NOT move from my couch for approx. one entire month. I will ocassionally soak in a bath and possibly read a book...but most likely will not leave my house unless I am close to starvation (which is highly unlikely...because I've canned enough food for my fruit room to last a 6 month drout).


I love this time of year more than anything.

I love the colors, the smells and the fact that my lack of exercise for the past 4 months will easily go unnoticed under my comfy sweaters and thick hoodies:) I love pumpkin patches, dressing my child up for halloween, making sugar cookies shaped like bats (our yesterday afternoon activity) and burning the pumpkin spice candle...which I will definitely be picking up matter what.
Hope you're all out enjoying the FALL.

Love, me


Bryce & Brittany said...

Whoa, I'm exhausted just reading that post! That is exactly why I need friends!!!! I would love to learn how to can but who wants to do that stuff by themselves?? I would also like to START my Christmas shopping but am seriously sick of shopping alone.:( And I know that there's no way you'll lay on the couch for an entire month after you move into your house! You'd go crazy!!! A day or two is a good possibility but more than that you wouldn't be able to stand. I know you well enough to know that.:)

Allyson said...

OH! The motivation! I'm so impressed with the canning, sewing, the building, the everything! Way to go! A new house by Christmas? That will be SO fun to have Christmas in a new place!:) Oh, and so sorry to hear about your ear...sounds super painful.

Hickman Family said...

Cute quilts Kristin, how could we expect anything less???? So jealous you are done with Christmas, I think we decided to not even start, sounds easier, and our kids can definitely go without a few things...hows the house?? You are so brave to take on so much, good luck with it all!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

Very cute quilts. Canning? Good work girl. I got to do some of that last year, but we will be moving in a few months and I didn't do any this year. Jaxson is adorable. Good luck with the move.