Thursday, October 1, 2009

pumpkins...and other stuff...

My obsession with holidays is no small problem. Part of me wonders why I get so a small part of me never matured:) I wander COSTCO 3 times a week for pete sake...just to see the new Christmas decor they are putting on the shelves:) Why I admit these things is beyond me.

I truly love reasons to celebrate.


I spent an entire day last week making bat and ghost shaped sugar cookies....if that tells you anything. I even purchased witch that they could lovingly be delivered to grandparents and loved ones around town:)


Today we took the afternoon off and painted pumpkins.

By the time the season has come to an end...we've usually painted, carved, smashed, and glitterized our fair share of pumpkins. We do this activity several times it seems:)

It was fun.



I am laughing right now....because
for someone with absolutely no spare time...I can't believe I just went to the lengths of posting this picture in the shape of a leaf. I am such an idiot....and it doesn't look that just laugh, admire his work...and move on:)



I'm thinking "OREM PUMPKIN PATCH" this weekend...Jaxson's going to freak out!

I am excited to see his face. Oh---and then Witches night out at Gardener Village...the petting zoo, riding ponies....I'm super excited for a break. I need one.
On a sidenote: Jaxson's favorite word for the past few months is "gomer". He calls everyone a gomer....all day long. It makes us all laugh. I don't know...maybe some think it's rude or wrong for their child to resort to name calling...and for the most part, I do to. BUT we don't have the energy to correct it just it's way too entertaining to change:) If you do something he doesn't agree're a gomer....if you look're a gomer....if you don't give him what he're a gomer.
We love him...and I'm praying for patience to deal with this stage he just entered:):)
This stage that has my head spinning and me left wondering where my tender-hearted little baby went. Instead we have tantrums, hitting, screaming and last but not calling.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Maybe I should stop giving in:)
Like when he begs and bawls and begs and bawls for a tootsie pop for breakfast every single morning...and after 10 minutes of high pitched screams...I think to myself
"EAT 15 of them kid...I don't freaking care...just stop with the noise!"
Here I go again...admitting too much.
Here's our little GOMER...he's getting big!
...and has quite the little sass in him...
I totally deserve it.

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Maranda said...

Ha ha....Gomer! Sounds like a Jarom word. He'll eventually grow out of it....maybe. I've never been able to get into Halloween, but you make it sound so fun! I am, however, with you on the whole going to stores and admiring the Christmas decor. I love everything about Christmas! I went to the mall yesterday and they were already playing Christmas music in one of their stores...I couldn't believe it.