Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back and not happy about it....

(Jaxson September 2009...exactly 2.5 years old)
Whether or not I wanted to....we came home from our little vacation.
It was wonderful and completely relaxing.
I re-decided that me and Jarom really do love each other:):) ha ha.
Stress can often times make you wonder........
Slept in til' 11:00
Visited the steam room and hot tub every morning and evening.
Ate wonderful food.
Shared Cold-Stones with my man.
Found Jaxson one darling Halloween Costume.
Watched 4 Movies.
Took 2 Mid-Afternoon Naps (never ever do that)
Laughed with and Kissed my Hubby for 5 days straight:)
I hate coming back to real life.
We have accomplished a lot the last few weeks however. We managed to squeeze in some family pictures. I cringed at the thought of getting my picture taken...I haven't taken a second to "assess my physique" in over 2 months.
Too busy...and too consumed in other things perhaps.
BUT...Jaxson isn't getting any younger...and I wasn't getting any skinnier...so we went for it! My talented friend Heather did a wonderful job capturing my family. I love them...my fat roll and all.
Sidenote: by Friday my house should have walls...this is a plus in my life:)
Sidenote #2: I made 15 dozen ears of corn into creamed freezer corn AND bought a deep freeze from Lowe's. I am officially Old and Boring....and I love it:)
At least he likes me....well, both of them do.
Life ain't too bad.


Sabrina said...

Your family pictures are DARLING! I love them. How do I contact your friend for pictures?

Glad you had a good weekend away with hubby.

Jamie said...

Adorable. You couldn't even try to have a fat roll you nerd;) Sounds like you had a great little vacation! What a DARLING fam:)

Hickman Family said...

Cute new family pics....Chandler loves Jaxon's "poke-up hair" as he calls it. He told me he wants his done for church that way! Hope everything is going good with your house!